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  1. riverie

    WTS BNIB Kato KU gyutou 240mm

    Selling my BNIB Kato KU gyutou 240mm. $1650 shipped to CONUS, PayPal fee included.
  2. riverie

    WTS Kato std gyutou

    Selling my BNIB Kato std 240mm gyutou. $1050 including shipping and PayPal fee.
  3. riverie

    WTS Tatsuo, Shig kitaeji, kato

    Hi all, here I’m selling few of my knives that might interest you… Tatsuo Ikeda 270mm white#1 honyaki fugubiki. Rare knife to come across by. It has a custom matching saya and handle in beautiful ringed gidge. Handle done by pcpken and saya by Cody Paul. Cody even went above and beyond by...
  4. riverie

    WTS Toyama kasumi ironclad 270mm sujihiki

    Up for sale is my used Toyama ironclad 270mm Kasumi sujihiki. Knife has been thinned, rehandle with Indian rosewood, and I made the friction fit poplar saya for it , dyed to match rosewood color and tone. Really amazing slicer that serve me well and one of my favorite, I'm selling it just...
  5. riverie

    SOLD 4 great single bevel BNIB knives pt2

    Hi all, here I'm selling my single bevel knives. All of them are brand new in box, never used, never sharpened, every single of them in pristine perfect condition, right handed, and all of them comes with saya :) 3. Suisin Tanryu 300mm damascus yanagiba by Yoshikazu Ikeda. Another amazing work...
  6. riverie

    SOLD 4 great BNIB single bevel knives pt1

    Hi all, here I'm selling my single bevel knives. All of them are brand new in box, never used, never sharpened, every single of them in pristine perfect condition, right handed, and all of them comes with saya :) 1. Suisin hayate kizuna kengata yanagiba 330mm by Itsuo Doi. Really amazing knife...
  7. riverie

    SOLD shigefusa kitaeji yanagiba 270mm

    Spreading a word for a friend that selling his BNIB shigefusa kitaeji yanagiba 270mm here. Comes with saya too. PM me if interested... $1300 plus shipping.
  8. riverie

    WTS wood scales for knives

    Putting my wood scales for sale from my personal stash. #1 & #2. Beeswing curl eucalyptus. stabilized by K&G. Great 3d chatoyance and 2 tones. These 2 would be a nice matching set. Measurement is 2.1x5.25x0.5. $40 each #3. Quilted maple. stabilized by K&G. Nice figure, rich...
  9. riverie

    WTS BNIB Shigefusa 180mm kasumi gyutou

    Selling my brand new in box, untouched, unused shigefusa 180mm kasumi gyutou. I just measured it and the cutting edge actually 185mm. Weight of the knife is 130g. Height on the heel is 42.60mm. Another great example of shigefusa kasumi gyutou knife. Asking for $650 shipped and insured to...
  10. riverie

    WTB Looking for hiro-as suji

    Searching for hiromoto-as sujihiki in any size. Please let me know if any of you willing to let it go .... Thank you in advance, Rio
  11. riverie

    shigefusa 300mm yanagiba

    Hi all, Here I’m offering for a sale my shigefusa 300mm yanagiba with Marko custom handle. I bought the knife new, years ago… the knife has been used on only special occasion at work, and it still in pristine condition. I’m a sushi chef and strictly used this knife for slicing sushi/sashimi...
  12. riverie

    Beautiful green dyed maple wood

    Months ago, I acquired this beautiful block from Mark at burlsource. I was lucky enough that as soon as he posted his new batch of these dyed maple, I was on my computer and I picked the most beautiful one to my eyes:cool2:. It's very hard to capture with the camera but it has a stunning 3d...
  13. riverie

    Wood For Sale

    Hi fellow knife-nuts :knife:! I just do a cleaning up my knife drawer and realized that I have a wood handle laying there untouched. So I put it up for sale, I priced it accordingly to move it along. Please note that just like any other wood seller, some of these woods are unpolished, so I wet...
  14. riverie

    stainless/stainless clad 24cm suji

    Hi fellow knifenut, After a long years work in a different field in my career, to my surprise I found myself back in a food service again. Unfortunately I've sold almost all of my knives :dontknow:and currently looking for a 24cm suji to be used in a smaller kitchen space. Please let me know...
  15. riverie

    "one of a kind" custom 270mm Shiro Hayate Kensaki Yanagi #4

    Here I have for sale is a brand new never use custom 270mm Shiro Hayate Kensaki Yanagi with serial number #4. A regular hayate is already hard to find, shiro hayate is much harder, and to find the one with kensaki tip is even rarer!!! Years ago while I was still working as a chef in NY, I was...
  16. riverie

    Ichimonji 27cm hamokiri & tamahagane 27cm yanagiba

    Hi KKF, Money is a bit tight especially my daughter going to school soon. So sadly I have to let this go to compensate things. Here I have for sale : 1. Ichimonji 270mm hamokiri in blue#2 steel. It's from their montanren line...
  17. riverie

    FS Ikkanshi Tadatsuna fugubiki 270mm

    Here I have for sale is my used Ikkanshi Tadatsuna 270mm fugubiki in white#2 steel. This is a very light weight blade, but yet it really bites and takes a screaming sharp edge. Whenever I need to do a very thin paper slice cut/sashimi, this is the first knife that I would grab. I used lot of...
  18. riverie

    Watanabe 255mm kensaki yanagi

    Selling one of my favorite knife.....It's a Watanabe kensaki yanagi 255mm white steel with a custom western handle that has a bolster. The material of the handle is a willow burl that i got from Craig Steven, this kind of wood doesn't come that often and i really like the figure and color on it...
  19. riverie

    Suisin INOX wa-petty 210mm

    Selling my Suisin INOX wa-petty 210mm in a good condition. The new one would cost you like $298....The only thing i need to address is i dyed the saya into black color and i have to admit that i'm not the best at doing it, i also missed the saya pin and now i just put my own "pin" using a bamboo...
  20. riverie

    Watanabe gyutou 24cm w/ custom handle n saya

    Up for sale next is my watanabe pro gyutou 24cm in blue steel. I sold all of my gyutou before, kept 1 that i love the most, and this is my favorite one. It has a very nice custom handle from Stefan with curly koa that has a very nice chatoyance, red wood as a ferrule, and mammoth tooth endcap. I...