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  1. Bensbites

    WTS Zwilling J.A. Henckels Bob Kramer FC61 Stainless Steel Chef's Knives

    I think the previous owner thinned this knife. $200 shipped within the US.
  2. Bensbites

    Anyone use polishing sticks?

    I am not sure if this belongs in sharpening or shop talk, but I think the polishing aspect has broader appeal to polishers rather than just makers. I have gone way too deep down the rabbit hole! After listening to podcasts on the makery network namely knifetalk and XYZ, there have been...
  3. Bensbites

    Please learn from my mistakes.

    I am copying the text of a post I made to a few knifemaking Facebook groups “ Sometimes you have to walk before you can run... I just tried sprinting. For my first heat treatment I tried differental hardening 26c3 bunkas. I am running this in my basement so I am trying an interrupted...
  4. Bensbites

    My big boy!

    I am really enjoying grinding! My kitchen knife rack needed a stainless 240 and here we go. I was very inspired by a Dao voa 240 I sold. I think this one will out perform that knives. AEB-L plasma cut and heat treated by jarod todd knives, 63 hrc, 0.1 in at the spine. ~ 240 x 53 mm. I am...
  5. Bensbites

    Knifetalk podcast

    Does anyone else listen to the knife talk podcast? I assume there are enough knife nerds here who would also enjoy digging into all think knife related? I am if any one has knife from the hosts? Chop knives, Feder knives, or Maumasifirearts... Thanks B
  6. Bensbites

    I made a gyuto.

    I wanted to try my hand at making a gyuto. Knowing my first few would be a learning experience, I ordered 5 blanks SAB -Wa profile from jarod Todd knives. Plasma cut and heat treated to 62 HRC in AEBL. I lent this one out to a local chef who really enjoyed it and said he would would be happy...
  7. Bensbites

    my first gyuto

    this is still coming along, I wish it had a little more convexing. the next one will. the profile also needs some tweaking... more to come.
  8. Bensbites

    WTB Splash and go stones

    I am always on the hunt for something new. If anyone has splash and go stones collecting dust and wants to off load them, send me a PM. These would need to be shipped to the Boston Mass area USA. Thank you.
  9. Bensbites

    WTS WTS: 210 gyuto 52100 custom reground

    WTS: 210 gyuto 52100 custom reground 210 mm gyuto custom reground KS style grind with a thin tip by Chris at Make It Sharper. The yo to wa conversation is now sporting a one piece olivewood handle. $200 shipped in the USA. No trades please.
  10. Bensbites

    WTS Makoto SG2 240 with custom handle

    WTS : Makoto SG2 240 with custom handle. $325 shipped in the USA. No trades please. The handle is very comfortable for larger hands, made from stabilized fiddleback maple, ebony and curly redwood. 161 g 2 inches or 50 mm at the heel 9.5 inches long.
  11. Bensbites

    SOLD Dalman gyuto 9 in/230 mm.

    For sale: Dalman gyuto 9 in/230 mm. $500 usd or best offer no trades. This was one of Dalman’s rust bucket giveaways from a few years ago. Since I won this, I emailed Mr. Dalman and asked if I could give him a percentage of the sale to make him whole. He said no need. This is a thin S...
  12. Bensbites

    Noobie buying advice

    I was looking at a knife rev posts elsewhere online and realizing, if I had to do it again, I would suggest a different route! I upgraded my blades, then realized I wanted/needed to become a better sharpener. I learned how to sharpen/tweak fit and finish on a blade/rehandle knives after I...
  13. Bensbites

    Etiquette question.

    My wife and I were discussing this, I figured foodies and restaurant staff would have an option. You go to a decent restaurant and order a glass of wine. If you don’t like the sip they give you, do you accept the glass, or stop them before they pour the serving? My wife takes it, then...
  14. Bensbites

    WTS Dao nakiri with custom handle

    Photos Dao nakiri with a custom handle. The handle is walnut burl, maple and wenge sealed with tung oil. The beeswax install makes the handle easily removed. The knife has been sharpened once through a full progression to bring out...
  15. Bensbites

    3D printed wa knife handles

    I have started down the path of 3D printing. I am about to try printing a wa handle for my Dao santoku, is anyone else doing this? It is way easier than cutting and glueing wood. It does lack the soul of a nice burl or curly wood. Eventually I think it would be cool to 3D print wood...
  16. Bensbites

    Anyone heard of

    I friend reached out to me yesterday and asked if I heard of Sub $100 vg10 kitchen knives forged in China. I looked at the site and said: 1) no choil shots 2) vg10 can be good with proper heat treatment. I figure the only way to know anything for sure is to order one and...
  17. Bensbites

    Help me choose which handle, too many choices.

    Ok fellow KKFers. I have a Dao cleaver Bunka hybrid that has really grown on me since I thinned it. It is time for me to upgrade the handle from my stock. Originally I build the ringed gidee handle for this one, then I took a stab at trying the copper cap on stabilized ebonized oak. Now I...
  18. Bensbites

    WTB Coarse stones

    It is time for me to look at some new coarse stones. Shapton pros are where I am leaning, and they are reasonably priced new. I wanted to check if anyone had anything laying around that they wanted to move.
  19. Bensbites

    Octagonal vs Hexagonal wa handles

    Hi all, What do you think of hexagonal (6-sided) vs octagonal (8-sided) handles? I know from talking to other knifenuts and my handle clients, I don’t mind a wider array of sized handles compared to others. I am seeing a more and more hexagonal handles on Instagram. I hope you don’t mind...
  20. Bensbites

    Tang kanji ID

    can someone help me identify the tang kanji here? 60A82241-4199-4087-8BF0-3D6921FA9626 by Bensbites posted Apr 21, 2019 at 8:36 AM