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  1. JBroida

    WTS Kintaro 165mm Stainless Clad White #2 migaki santoku

    no stress... my reply wasnt about you having done anything wrong or anything like that. Just for the sake of clarification.
  2. JBroida

    WTS Kintaro 165mm Stainless Clad White #2 migaki santoku

    regarding the name (not gesshin branded), Yoshimi-san used to go by kintaro, as that was the brand name his master made. Recently, he made a decision to switch that up to Yoshimi Echizen. Same knife, but now he's working on building his own brand.
  3. JBroida

    Burrfection Commandments?

    no... thats right... the ura should be mostly perpendicular to the stone when sharpening.
  4. JBroida

    Pour over coffee grinders?

    DF64 has been my move for aeropress, pourover, cold brew (kyoto style drip), and espresso
  5. JBroida

    Thinning my Blazen

    for what its worth, before they were SG2, they used SG1... i have one of them... its still a very nice knife
  6. JBroida

    Could Kyuzo be Myojin?

    for F's sake, why do you guys keep doing this? Havent you considered that people have reasons for keeping their names out of things like this? Not just the retailers, but the craftsmen themselves? They work with a ton of companies and having that anonymity can help keep things smooth when they...
  7. JBroida


    excuse the copy and paste, but the following on bevel angles and asymmetry should answer everything here: In general, there is not going to be an exact angle that is correct, but rather a range of angles that works. For instance, most double bevel Japanese knives will work well with angles...
  8. JBroida

    Is your UPS package ready for a 30ft (9.1meter) drop?

    yes... but the reality is that we pack the crap out of things and have a lot of experience at navigating various shipping systems and their investigation processes... not a ton of issues overall
  9. JBroida

    Is your UPS package ready for a 30ft (9.1meter) drop?

    For what its worth, I've had issues with FedEx more than UPS. UPS has paid out a ton of times for me, but always under the value I insure for. FedEx has made me fight hard for it, and still never paid out. Insurance drives me nuts.
  10. JBroida

    weird shinogi line

    no... i saw that. Still not abnormal. I've seen so many knives like this. There's nothing wrong with the knife. Seriously. I've got no stake in this... i didn't sell it.. its not from me... I'm not vouching for anyone here... I'm just giving you guys a fair idea of what is normal and what to...
  11. JBroida

    weird shinogi line

    not all knives are going to have straight shinogi lines, and this is a type of knife that I would not be expecting that on. What you are seeing here is typical and expected. Absolutely nothing wrong with that knife with respect to the shinogi line.
  12. JBroida

    PSA: Back in Stock 4/21/22 , JKI GESSHIN STAINLESS 210MM WA-GYUTO

    the western ones are on they way from japan now too FYI
  13. JBroida

    Knives spotted in the wild: celebrity chef edition

    that was his roll for the movie... not roys knives personally. Most of those came from us, but roy picked out things that were typical of a real working chef, which I appreciated.
  14. JBroida

    Forged to Table Knife Show NorCal - Whos going?

    Wish i could make it, but i have a funeral to attend next weekend :(
  15. JBroida

    Advice needed: Which hand saw for shortening a wa handle?

    just picked up a random handle here from sakai (ichii, not that it matters). Its 147mm long. Hole depth is 126.5mm.
  16. JBroida

    Advice needed: Which hand saw for shortening a wa handle?

    you can probably loose 10mm, but its going to be cutting it close on some handles, and if you do a traditional burn in, you may see smoke escape from the bottom of the handle in that area. Initial hole size of brand new handles insnt always too deep, but usually about 70% of handle length plus...
  17. JBroida

    Advice needed: Which hand saw for shortening a wa handle?

    be careful to not go too high relative to the internal tang hole depth
  18. JBroida

    WTB WTB JKI Gesshin Vitrified Diamond 800 Stone

    there are and i can assemble them... we've just been busy so I haven't prioritized it
  19. JBroida

    Advice to recreate rough finish of Sakai knives.

    yup.... consistent and even finishes with good surface prep... that's the name of the game. Many ways to do it... you certainly don't have to follow the "traditional" methods. My comment was just a function of how often I hear from people about doing work like this, thinking they are doing the...
  20. JBroida

    Advice to recreate rough finish of Sakai knives.

    without similar equipment and materials, its not easy... but I think simple sandpaper finishes work quite well and are easy for end users to maintain... and shouldn't that be an important thing to consider too?