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    Another Addiction

    Sweet pistol. I've always wanted a 1911, I never seen to get around to it though.
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    Kramer on ebay again.....

    +1, the Meji is still a little taller than I would like, but it is surprisingly comfortable. The western handles don't work for me at all. I also don't like the brass, but, you can specify stainless bolsters when you order.
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    Tojiro DP is not what it used to be?

    I have a Tojiro DP 210mm purchased in 2006. Its scales are fitted much better than the honesuki I bought earlier this year. The geometry is so different between the two, I can't really compare the performance of the two steels.
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    Dave M custom v Hattori FH v Konosuke HD v Gesshin Ginga 300mm Yo Handle Suji

    You are asking for preference between carbon, stainless, wa/yo handle, and gyuto/suji in the same post. Are you just wanting to try another knife or is this for a specific task?
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    Hattori Forum Cowry-X

    Those are the KD line. They have been back ordered for years.
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    Kramer waiting list

    The guy on ebay says his knife is 298 grams. That is much heavier than my Meji style in 52100 (236 grams). Are his damascus knives usually that heavy or is it the western handle that makes the difference?
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    Crazy sharp

    That is the principle of the three finger test. If you are comfortable sliding your fingers along the edge, your knife has failed the test.
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    Media Working Knives

    How do you like that Bark River carving knife?
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    Health insurance

    The uninsured are the only people that pay the billed amount. It is the basis for calculating the discount for insurance providers. Each Insurer negotiates the discount for its network which is why some doctors don't accept certain insurance. It isn't unusual for Medicare to pay 10-20% for a...
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    RBB Gyuto

    Haha, first thing I noticed was the KD. I wish I had bought one when I had the chance.
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    Health insurance

    Insurance companies want to maximize profits, so it isn't the number of policies, it is the aggregate risk. A small pool is risky, one person gets a catastrophic illness and it kills the profit. Good companies pay a bigger chunk of the cost themselves, In my case, I'm told that my employer...
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    Michael Rader 240mm Wa-Gyuto

    Yes, here's a thread that has some more detail about them
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    Kramer waiting list

    Has anyone gotten on the list recently? In the old days, you were quoted a price for a specific knife and given an approximate delivery date, like 3 years. He was still delivering knives under the old price schedule until this year. It sounds like now you just add your name and pay market price...
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    Thermapen Customer Service A+

    I need to call them. I have two, one of the old style and the newer version. When I got the new one, I did some measurements to compare results. The older one was off by almost 4 degrees. I'v tried to recalibrate it, but it never stays adjusted.
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    Kramer waiting list

    I haven't seen many people "flipping" their Kramers. Their were a handful last year, but he's been making 200 per year for a decade. I think if you saw 10 a month showing up on eBay, the premium would drop pretty fast.
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    Thoughts on ittosai please

    +1 Ryusen is the OEM for these knives. Koki used to offer the substitution when Hattori was out of stock. I have compared Ryusen and Hattori side by side, and the only apparent difference is the Kanji. Some years ago, there was information that the Hattori's meant for export were tempered to...
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    Kramer waiting list

    In Kramer's case, he claims his 52100 knives get sharper and perform better than his damascus. So, I suppose it depends on your priorities.
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    Kramer waiting list

    I guess I'm on Kramer's lottery list, I still get the newsletter. It took almost four years for my number to come up the first time when he was only fulfilling orders sequentially. Oivind, you always forget Kramer makes monosteel knives too. They are only $150 per inch.
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    HHH Damascus

    Call it Rorschach, what you see in the pattern tells something about you... I see totem poles