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    Are cheap end grain boards from Amazon any good? would be extremely rare to get Boos / Boardsmith products at an IKEA price point, and there are some 'between there lines' observations that would cause me to pass... That said, this...
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    What makes the Watanabe Pro 180mm so good (and maybe some competing Nakiris worth checking out)?

    PREFACE - I've had a few nakiri over the years, including one from Watanabe, but they are not my preferred blade style and I haven't had one in the kit in a number of years. That said, if you "...really want to make sure I'm getting my money's worth..." then you should be happy with a Watanabe...
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    Mizuno Tanrenjo Price Increase

    I received the same email, and...all individual opinions about the price, value, quality, etc. not withstanding... Koki, and have been a trusted loyal friend of this community for decades, and is giving fair notice of an upcoming price increase for one of his core lines...
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    High end frying pan recommendation

    Website only says 'Made in USA', but the company is hq'ed in WI FWIW, I've been going to this particular LA,CA based supply store for 30+/- years asn as long as I can remember they've stocked Vollrath products. I can't specifically speak to thickness, but the 12 1/2" was a beast. And side by...
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    High end frying pan recommendation

    Plus $16 shipping to my home zip, so about the same. And my $0.02 tip for the day...if you'r this deep into knives that you read this forum...don't take your wallet into a restaurant supply store.... LOL
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    High end frying pan recommendation

    Interesting that I don't see much chatter for Volrath - checked a local restaurant supply yesterday and a 12.5" carbon skillet was $38
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    Stone progressions and burrs

    Just sharpened two different knives - 500 -> 1200 -> 5k. I could feel the burr on every stone, BUT at 5k the burr is really small and I had to really work at 'feeling' it.. YMMV
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    Your go-to stainless knife

    Tadatsuna 240 wa-gyuto Ichimonji TKC 240 yo-gyuto
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    Can I Get by with one 800 Grit Stone?

    You can get by with the 800....AND adding a finer stone will yield a more refined edge, which will be more durable, and enhance touch ups in between regular sharpening. I would add something in the 4k - 6k range, and DaveB's Rika in BST would be an excellent choice. In a perfect world, if you...
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    Asymmetric grind?

    The EASY answer...for BASIC sharpening...use the magic marker trick to follow the edge angles and grind established by the manufacturer (MAC) I seem to recall a detailed thread from years ago led by DaveM and the end result was 'don't mess with the grind the manufacturer puts on the knife'...
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    Wondering how deep I will run down this rabbit hole

    RUN. Like your hair is on fire...
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    Beginners knife for the families favourite chef

    Correct, and doesn't matter. Stepping up from a 10bp beater, 100bp price range, western style gyuto, 2mm +/- spine. Back in the day we all got hooked without an inkling off 70/30....
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    Beginners knife for the families favourite chef

    Welcome.... A Victorinox is a great solution, I have several that are over 25 y.o., but my 8" wood handled chef cost $35 US. BUT.....since you're here, two suggestions from a trusted online venue that I think would be outstanding upgrades, and the third (Tojiro) that was a long time value /...
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    Seasoning flat-bottomed wok on electric range?

    Good start (saw the bacon sticking)...but keep going. Personally, after each use, I go to a high heat on the stove top rotating the wok to get all the sides and then wipe down with flaxseed oil. If it's been awhile or I use the wok for a steam or braise, I'll do this two or three times.
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    SOLD Shapton GS 2k & 8K

    Shapton GlassStones 2000 grit and 8000 grit Lite use, both measure at full height $110 / pair / CONUS / Shipped USPS Priority
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    Just a guess but Rather, I think names of the past are more impacted by the 'New Black' phenomena and people chasing tulip bulbs. Plus, a well sharpened knife will cut like a laser, and a dull laser will cut like shyte, so...
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    What's the fastest a knife has sold here?

    On the old forum, before smartphones, alerts and using dial up... Fish knives would sell this yeah, in a blink.
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    Tadatsuna IMHO, the original forum laser...maybe
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    Help identifying these knives
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    First Whetstones

    Other Recommendations...? For Videos/Tutorials? None for now. too much information becomes too hard to digest. Watch some of Jon's. Sharpen your new knife. Use and enjoy your new knife. Sharpen some of your older knives. Rewatch Jon's videos. Repeat the above. For Stones? I think for...