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  1. Chang

    SOLD 240mm HSC/// Gyuto

    Just slowly picking off some of gayutos because I just have too much rn and I should really start to sell the knives I just don’t really use. And it’s not like I don’t use this guryuto because it sucks, I just have so many that I moreso just forget to use this/slap it into my roll. Anywho, yah...
  2. D

    SOLD a bunch of knives

    Hi KKF, I am selling a bunch of fun and pretty awesome knives. All prices include shipping. If you have further questions or want more pics, let me know! 1. Devin Thomas Apex Ultra Raindrop Damascus San Mai Gytuo --- SOLD I think he did less than 5 damascus knives with Apex core, and this...
  3. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 220mm Apex Ultra Go-Mai Gyuto

    Hello All, It feels like ages since I've made a new listing here. Here I have a nice gyuto to offer you all in Apex Ultra go-mai with a lovely bocote handle. I keep working to get my core thicknesses down as much as possible in san-mai and go-mai, little by little I'm getting better, I have...
  4. breadcrumb

    SOLD Yoshikazu Ikeda - Honyaki Gyuto (210mm) [Used] | Major Price Drop

    Hi! I'm selling my Yoshikazu Ikeda Honyaki Gyuto. It's been refinished by Epicurean Edge to give it a cleaner finish. Comes with a custom-fitted Saya / Sheath from Epicurean Edge, as well, in its original box. Selling for: $800 --> $600.00 MSRP: $1090.80 + WA Tax + 150.00 (Finish) - Purchased...
  5. E

    WTS Tobias Hangler - 220mm, ApexUltra San Mai

    Hello KKFers, Knife information (he took more and much better pictures than I can): Knife is like new, as in I've cut a handful of veggies with it. Other than that, it has just sat in the box it came...
  6. B

    WTT Takamura Uchigumo 210mm for Takamura Hana 180/210mm

    Hi All, Looking to trade knife purchased from below thread to a wa handled version: Great seller, knife as described Purchased...
  7. cwk.v

    Traded /WTT - Isasmedjan Integral Honyaki Gyuto -- Catch & Release Steel: C105 Length: 245mm Height: 57mm Weight: 269g Ironwood handle 5mm out of bolster; middle: 2,36mm ; 1cm before tip: 0,6mm Switching this to a trade thread. Trade value of this knife...
  8. M

    Recent knives crafted

    New to this forum and appreciate the comradery I've already received! Below is a recent knife I finished this week: 203mm Stainless Damascus Wa Gyuto with rounded choil and balance right in front of handle. Handle is a dessert Ironwood and etch was achieved with combo of muriatic/coffee. I...
  9. D

    Myojin SG2 vs Tetsujin Tanryusen (aka “Metal flow”)

    I’ve got some cash burning a hole in my pocket and noticed Modern cooking has two lovely looking Myojin 210 Gyuto’s on sale: Gyuto 240mm SG2 Series | Myojin Riki Seisakusho | Modern Cooking and Tetsujin Hamono | Gyuto 210mm "Metal Flow" | Modern Cooking. Does anyone have experience with both...
  10. D

    SOLD A bunch of japanese knives -- Kato suji 270, Takamura uchigomo 210, Toyama damascus 270, Migoto White 1 240

    Hi Everyone, I am selling 3 nice knives. Some pics are attached below. I also attached a dropbox link where more pics in higher quality can be found. All prices include shipping. Kato Sujihiki 270mm brand new, never used. comes with box. 262 x 40mm 187g 1350 USD All pics...
  11. R

    SOLD OG Anryu AS 240 Gyuto

    Up for sale is an original Katsushige Anryu AS 240 gyuto. The knife has been used (and sharpened once if i recall correctly) but is in great shape. Pictures should accurately depict the level of patina. There is minimal kurouchi wear. More pictures are available upon request. $750 shipped CONUS
  12. cwk.v

    SOLD Yu Kurosaki Knives (Gyutos + Santoku)

    Trying to thin out my Yu Kurosaki collection to clear space for some new knives! - Yu Kurosaki Shizuku SG2 240mm Gyuto - SOLD -- Like new, used to prep one meal before deciding I didn't need it. Bought from District Cutlery - $350 - Yu Kurosaki Cobalt Special Raijin santoku 165mm - Turquoise...
  13. cwk.v

    Withdrawn 270mm gyuto

    Looking for a 270mm gyuto with a heel height > 50mm. Ideally >52mm. Some considerations: - Blue > white/SG2 > other steels - Wa handle preferred - BNIB preferred - Would prefer <$750 Feel free to post or PM.
  14. J

    Jiro usage questions

    Hi I just received my first (and maybe last) Jiro I will ever get based upon the rarity. But I’m a professional cook, highly trained, lover and care taker of all things knives, spoons, tools you name it. With my Jiro being BNIB (240mm WA) I noticed that the acidic ingredients (as basic as red...
  15. Scott

    Withdrawn Kamon + A Few Others

    Hi KKF, Looking for some right handed knives between 210/245 before they hit BST. Would just like to try more work from the below makers - Kamon Also looking to expand my horizons with stuff from - Bazes - Northside - Merion Forge If you got an extra or one you're willing to part with...
  16. D

    SOLD Migoto White 1 240mm gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am selling my migoto white 1 (most recent batch). One of the best cutters I own, but redundant as I have another Migoto. The knife was never stropped or sharpened and shows minor patina, which I can remove upon request. 380 USD shipped. Specs: 227 x 53mm 215g Nakagawa forged...
  17. D

    SOLD Metal Monkey Riverland Twist Gyuto 225mm

    Hi Everyone, I am selling my Metal Monkey Riverland Twist Damascus Gytuo. The knife was purchased half a year ago, directly from Tobi. It was used once when I received it. Hence, never sharpened or stropped. The spine goes from 3.5mm to nothing -- quite impressive distal tapering. Amazing...
  18. rasmusmadsen

    WTB Tanaka Kyuzo Gyuto

    Hello, I am looking for a Tanaka Kyuzo Gyuto - doesn’t matter if 210mm or 240mm. Preferably to be a seller in Europe.
  19. D

    SOLD JJT 258mm Gyuto TNT666

    Hi Everyone, I got a custom knife from Jean Jose Tritz in August / September 2022. Turns out the knife is not used as the size is too redundant in my collection. I used the knife for one meal (2-3 vegetables), never stropped or sharpened. Has minor patina in the middle part, which I can remove...
  20. PostLimón

    SOLD WTS Majime Limited Edition Ko-gyuto - First Run

    Bought the majime limited edition ko-gyuto from the first run. Used it a few times, has excellent food release due to the unique feather grind. Has seen some home use, but ultimately doesnt get much use in my current lineup. It is AEB-L Stainless with a G10 Wa Handle and Copper Bolster. link for...