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  1. J

    WTS Kikuchiyo x Izo 240mm, Tetsujin 300mm, Yamoto Oboro 225mm

    Looking to sell a few knives, although don’t really want to see them go! All excellent, in my view 👌 Just culling the collection to keep it under control. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Kikuchiyo (Nakagawa) x Izo (Myojin) 240mm G3 Gyuto (BNIB) - 229mm x 51.4mm, 165g...
  2. auros105

    SOLD Tetsujin Ginsan 240 Gyuto

    Selling my redundant Gyuto to fund other not-so-redundant Gyuto purchases. Gyuto has been thinned further and refinished so I kinda removed the name engravings so....if you mind then please skip this knife! Length: 225mm Height: 49mm Weight: ain't got a scale Bought locally for 13k TWD...
  3. auros105

    Withdrawn Nakagawa x Myojin Aoichi 240 Gyuto

    Selling one of my beloved knives because I realised I don't need so many Gyutos and also found myself preferring stainless knives as I work in the food industry and have no proper time to take care of this baby. Having made up my mind to send this little one to a new home I sent it to be...
  4. W

    SOLD Nakagawa x Myojin blue 1 damascus 240 with custom handle. BNIB.

    **SPF** **Free shipping with tracking** PayPal fees included in price. Nakagawa x Myojin blue 1 damascus 240 with custom handle. Blade length is 230 and hight is 50. AUD$750. BNIB
  5. K

    WTS Spring Clean up- Kono FM 210mm & 240mm, Merion Forge San Mai Kurouchi gyuto

    Hey all, I've decided to let go of my other Kono FM's. Both are brand new in box, 210mm and 240mm Both are White #1 with Black Ebony black buffalo horn handle. This is the OG Konosuke FM before Myojin was comfortable with having his name revealed to the Public, that is why there is no "Fuji...
  6. W

    SOLD Baba hamono-Kagekiyo-Yoshikazu Tanka. Nakagawa x Myojin. Takeda NAS Honesuki. Tsunehisa Migaki

    Hello Team! Time to move some knives on as I have a few more on the way! **Free shipping with tracking** PayPal fees included in price. **SOLD** Baba hamono - Kagekiyo - Forged by Yoshikazu Tanka - Sharpened by Nishida - Suminigashi - Aogami 1 Black Damascus - 240mm Gyuto - Custom Handle and...
  7. J

    Withdrawn BNIB Kama Asa Tanaka x Myojin 240mm

    Hi everyone - looking for a BNIB B1 Tanaka x Myojin gyuto from Kama Asa with kasumi finish, in particular if it had a laser profile (<2.5mm spine at heel, ~150g for 240mm version). If you have one lamenting in your drawer and would like to sell it, please get in touch! JP
  8. J

    Withdrawn Tetsujin Nakiri or Santoku

    Hi everyone, this time I am after a smaller Tetsujin, either a Nakiri or Santoku with kasumi finish. Looking for a friend. Strong preference for BNIB and not fussed about the handle. Not looking to spend an arm and a leg, as these are widely available. Prefer somewhere that can ship to...
  9. F

    SOLD 240 gyuto tanaka kyuzo KU extra height & nakagawa myojin

    Bought both these recently and only did a few test cuts and oiled them back up! Good as new! Tetogi TxK Total Length: 392mm EDGE LENGTH: 232MM Handle two tip length: 244mm Blade Height: 58mm Thickness: 3.2mm Handle Length: 146mm Weight: 212g 550€ inkl shipping in EU The nakagawa myojin is...
  10. cwk.v

    SOLD Tetsujin B#2 Kasumi Taihei Rosewood + Nakagawa x Myojin B#1 Damascus 240mm gyutos - BNIB

    Hello all, Consider this my moving halfway across the US knife sale part 1 Still have this Nakagawa x Myojin B#1 Damascus Gyuto 240mm - BNIB -- ***SOLD*** - Paid $575 from CKTG --> Looks like one sold recently for $475 so I'll match that price - 228 x 50 - 3.1mm at heel - 210g - Confirmed...
  11. Bensonhai

    WTS Nakagawa x Myojin Blue1 Damascus Nakiri 165mm

    For sale, I have this Nakagawa Damascus Blue1 Nakiri 165mm (not sharpen by Myojin). The original lacquer is still 100%. BRAND NEW! I want to sell it for $400 plus actual shipping and insurance cost. Why am I selling it? It was found to be not sharpen by Myojin. Also willing to trade plus add...
  12. D

    Myojin SG2 vs Tetsujin Tanryusen (aka “Metal flow”)

    I’ve got some cash burning a hole in my pocket and noticed Modern cooking has two lovely looking Myojin 210 Gyuto’s on sale: Gyuto 240mm SG2 Series | Myojin Riki Seisakusho | Modern Cooking and Tetsujin Hamono | Gyuto 210mm "Metal Flow" | Modern Cooking. Does anyone have experience with both...
  13. josemartinlopez

    Favorite stainless laser? (I'm really liking the Takada Ginsan Suiboku and Raicho No Ren R2)

    Can I ask what people's favorite stainless lasers are again? I'm a home cook and enjoy a lighter knife and simple vegetable work, so I enjoy stainless lasers. So @akafat got me all excited about the Takada No Hamono Suiboku Ginsan that I pinged Syoukon Hamono to grab one to try out. When a...