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  1. rgar4012

    How to ruin a Geshin Uraku: a review

    Gesshin Uraku 210mm White #2 Kurouchi Wa-Gyuto Purchased from Jki above for $175 on 5/3/22, shipped on 5/4/22 Pics: Initial purchase - actually this is a little after, includes pics of a musashi bunka as well Early photos and first sharpening -- a lot of photos, some of the handle here Thinning...
  2. Matus

    Quick comparison: Nanohone 200, Bester 220, Shapton Glass 220 and Shapton Pro 120

    Edit: I have added comparison of Pro 120, Bester 220 and Nanohone 200 in the post #23 Since I somehow managed to hoard several very coarse stones I though that a quick comparison could be of interest. To show how the stones actually work I made a video (sorry, it is 13 minutes long - brevity is...