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  1. MSicardCutlery

    WTS Stainless San-Mai Flat Bar/Stock

    For the bladesmiths.... This is a bar of 304SS clad Wolfram Special I made a few months ago. There is a nickel layer between the core and cladding, so I guess it's really go-mai, but notwithstanding. There's approximately 14" of useable material in the bar that is 55mm wide at its widest, and...
  2. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicard Cutlery 110mm Apex Ultra/SS San-Mai Parring Knife

    Hello All, Here's a stainless clad Apex Ultra paing knife for your consideration. Nothing too fancy on this one, just performance oriented from the bottom up. Blade: 110mmx28mm belt finished Apex Ultra (67-68 hrc) stainless san-mai w/ nickel layer to prevent carbon migration Neck...
  3. MSicardCutlery

    WTS MSicard Cutlery 280mm SS Clad Apex Ultra Sujihiki

    Hello All, This knife was a custom, but for reasons relating to the easy at which a stainless clad blade takes a set, as well as some crookedness in the spine (see attached, the edge is straight however), the owner elected to return it for a blade clad with 15n20 in its place. Now that, that...
  4. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 250mm MagnaCut+304 Stainless San-Mai Sabatier Styled Chef Knife

    Hello all, As part of my (slow) ongoing experimentation with high alloy san-mai, I made a bilet of stainless clad MagnaCut earlier in the week. Right from the onset this blade was challenging to make, and even the grinding was no exception. It fought me all the way (at one point developing 2...