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  1. 1

    300mm yanagiba recommendations?

    Looking to buy a yanagi in 30cm length. I am an avid pescetarian and slice fish a lot. But I also have a part time weekend job as sushi chef. Looking for white steel. I was about to go with the tojiro white 2 30cm yanagi but then I started reading all this stuff about it not being flat and...
  2. Hamso k

    What is the thinnest (quality) laser you know of?

    I love my Kiwi's but a piece of paper holds an edge longer than them. I have a Takayuki TUS that I love and it's spine is 1.8mm at the widest. It's in need of replacing and I'll most likely just get another one but before doing so I thought I'd see about alternatives. Do you know of any knives...