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  1. Chang

    SOLD 240mm HSC/// Gyuto

    Just slowly picking off some of gayutos because I just have too much rn and I should really start to sell the knives I just don’t really use. And it’s not like I don’t use this guryuto because it sucks, I just have so many that I moreso just forget to use this/slap it into my roll. Anywho, yah...
  2. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 230mm Wrought Iron+52100 San-Mai Sujihiki

    Hello All, Here I have a first for me, a wrought iron clad sujihiki with a birdseye maple handle. I had originally set out to make a 270mm, but owing to a very thin core and .008" of offset in my drawing dies I ended up with a 2mm wide place in the edge where the cladding crossed the core, so I...