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  1. OwlWoodworks

    WTT River Jump and Yanick for your River Jump

    I'm not really sure how to start this as it's a difficult trade for me to even propose. One of my knife collecting goals is to have a 240 of each of the most notable Japanese makers. I am starting with the most difficult to attain and finishing with the easiest (not that any are easy). As most...
  2. enrico l

    WTT Yanick 245x56mm 259g for The Nine

    Hey everyone, got a few beauties here for you. As much as I like and respect Yanick’s work, I just prefer a more meatier blade towards the edge on a blade this size. I have a theme, if its not perfect for me, it goes. I rarely grab for them as I really enjoy some of the other knives I have. I’ll...
  3. Scott

    WTB Yanick, TheNine

    Hi KKF, Closing off with one or two knives to round out my collection Hoping to intercept some right handed knives between 225/245 before they hit BST. Looking for knives from - The Nine - Yanick - Potentially a Milan (Newer works) Willing to offer some profit as I look to close out my...