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  1. J

    Withdrawn Yanick >240mm

    Looking to buy a Yanick gyuto, preferably BnIB and >240mm x 56mm. Would certainly consider one that has been lightly used. I’m open to any profile, including the one with a flatter profile. Please feel free to DM me if you have one that you’d like to sell or trade. I know that I’m pretty far...
  2. SimenTh

    Traded Yanick Puig 255 Gyuto wh.

    I bought this beautiful piece in May. It overlaps too much my other stuff, and is a slight bit too heavy for my preferance. It has seen only very light use, never sharpened or stropped. Gorgeous two-tone handle in ziricote and bocote. From the vendor: Blade length: 250mm / 9.8". Overall...
  3. OwlWoodworks

    Knife Prices are Confusing Me

    Knife prices are confusing me lately and I was wondering if you guys could give me your thoughts. I recently had somebody wanting to trade a BNIB Kato for my BNIB Yanick. He said he valued his knife at $1,900 and asked “what I paid” for my Yanick. I informed him it was $1,150. By his logic, the...
  4. OwlWoodworks

    SOLD River Jump and Yanick for your River Jump

    These two both have new homes and I have a wonderful 240 Cloud Flow now. Thanks everyone! I'm not really sure how to start this as it's a difficult trade for me to even propose. One of my knife collecting goals is to have a 240 of each of the most notable Japanese makers. I am starting with the...
  5. enrico

    Traded Yanick 240mm

    Hey everyone, got a few beauties here for you. As much as I like and respect Yanick’s work, I just prefer a meatier blade towards the edge on a blade this size. I'd keep this for sure if it were a bit smaller. I have a theme, if it's not perfect for me, it goes. I rarely grab for them as I...