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SOLD 2 240mm asp-2053 gyutos, an apex ultra honesuki.

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Oct 23, 2020
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I will do separate posts for the pics of each.

Right hand biased ASP-2053 gyuto
  • 240x51.86mm
  • 68.5 hrc
  • Timascus bolster
  • Dyed maple burl handle
  • Full convex grind
The spine thickness is:

4.14mm at the handle
2.54mm about half way to the tip
1.67 about 3/4 of the way to the tip
.59 10mm behind the tip

(Sold)Askin price: $850 shipped within the us. Outside the us the addition cost will need to be added. I'm not going to do eu anymore.
Symmetrical ASP-2053 gyuto

  • 240X51.67mm
  • 68.5 hrc
  • Timascus bolster
  • Dyed maple burl handle
  • Full convex grind
Spine thickness:

4.19 at the handle
2.28 about half way to the tip
1.7 about 3/4 to the tip
.69 10mm behind the tip.

Asking price: $850 shipped within the us.

Apex ultra honesuki

  • 160x43.5mm
  • 67-67.5hrc
  • Bronze bolster
  • Ancient redgum handle
  • Right hand grind (90/10, or maybe 70/30 idk which you would call it)
Spine thickness:
5.19 at the handle
4.08 half way
3.02 3/4
1.72 10mm behind the edge.

(Sold) Asking price: 350 shipped within the us.
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Right hand biased asp-2053 gyuto
Balance point on the gyutos.

Right biased



Length of the handle on the right hand biased one is 135. Including the bolster

The length on the other is about 143.
Bump for the last symmetrical asp-2053 gyuto.

While I'm at it, I'll talk a bit about the steel. I wanted to talk about it when i first posted it. But when i finish a batch im usually even more busy than normal trying to get everything mailed, reordering new materials, belts and other consumables. That it makes it hard to have time.

Anyway. Asp-2053. Is a steel in a lot of ways similar to k390, and 10v. It has a similar volume of mc type carbide (basically the exact same), however it has a little lower vanadium, and higher moly, and tungsten.

Normally you see levels like this in high speed steels. The simple explanation of why it is different than those, is the ammount of carbon, from what i understand. Basically it causes the tungsten and moly to be in the mc type carbide, rather than a bunch of m6c type. While some is also formed in this steel. Just like 10v, and others all, or nearly all is dissolved when heat treating. Leaving just mc type.

TL;DR on that part. It is similar to 10v in a lot of ways, but has a composition like a high speed steel.

So now to the part more important to the people that don't care about that part. It gets very hard (as you can see by the 68.5 hrc ((it actually tested 68.66)), it has a lot of very hard carbide. We dont have catra data for it yet. But i personally expect the 68+ hardness, could actually lead to even better performance than 10v. Provided it is used like everyone recommends you use a japanese knife (not cutting bone, frozen stuff, etc).

So far it has been maybe my favorite high alloy steel to sharpen. The geometry, and hardness probably help. But yes, in fact think this was even easier to get a crazy sharp edge than k390, and 10v, at least with this heat treatment.

I'm still trying to think of a nickname for this steel. The sharpeners 10v is what i want to call it. But i feel like there's probably a catchier way to say it.
Went ahead and took advantage of it being day. And used some natural lighting for the last gyuto.

You can actually really see the timascus colors now. I just couldnt get good pics with the lamps and stuff i had.

Took videos of me cutting various veggies. I'll ad them here as i get them uploaded to instagram.

For the potatos and carrots, i completely forgot to sharpen it before doing the video. So i did a video cutting those before sharpening. Then I went back and shot a second video cutting after sharpening.

Guess it speaks well for the geometry, if i can make it through all that before i remember i didn't sharpen it yet.
I am surprised it is still available.
Yeah. Me too actually. Usually the m4, 4v stuff are the ones that will have one or two that don't sell the first day. I imagine there is a good bit of competition out there for kitchen knives using the mid-wear resistance type steels like these.

But usually the 10v type stuff are the ones gone right away. Maybe this steel not being as recognizable has something to do with it.

But i really think this might be my favorite out of 10v, k390, and this. At least currently. Just because I really appreciate when a steel sharpens particularly well. And 10v/k390 are two great steels in that regard.

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