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John Loftis

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Apr 6, 2012
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Hi all,

I wanted to let you know about our upcoming Black Friday and post-Black Friday holiday promotions. This community has shown me a lot of support over the years so I wanted to fill you in first.

Next Monday, our Black Friday promotion will go live. It will run from Monday, November 20 - Monday, November 27 or as long as supplies last. With this promotion, the more you spend, the more you get. There are three different levels, each with its own free item offering:
  • $250+: Large Care Kit ($35 value)
  • $350-$650: Cheese Board ($90 value)
  • $650+: Sidekick of Choice ($180 value)
We’ve done a similar promotion the past few years and have found that people love it. However, this year, we decided to change things up a bit by incorporating exotic wood (bloodwood, padauk) into the cheese boards. We think they turned out beautiful and unique, and we hope you think so, too.


Then, from Tuesday, November 12 - until supplies last, we will be offering three different discounted holiday bundles. Each of these bundles is designed to make a great, complete gift. The three bundles contain:
  • $250: 8-piece Wooden Utensil Set with Engraved Walnut Holder, Engraved Maple Edge Grain Cutting Board, 4 oz Board Butter
  • $360: Butcher 12” x 18” Maple End Grain Board, Walnut Sidekick End Grain Cutting Board, Medium Cutting Board Care Kit
  • $550: Carolina Cut 16” x 22” Walnut End Grain Cutting Board, Brick Pattern Sidekick End Grain Cutting Board, Large Cutting Board Care Kit
These bundles are a brand new promotion for us. We hope you find them useful for your holiday shopping, and we welcome any feedback.




Happy Holidays!