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SOLD 210 TF Denka

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Dec 29, 2020
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Cincinnati, OH
Looking to sell my 210 Denka. I wanted to love it, but think I fall more in the Watoyamabe camp. Purchased here on BST a little over a month ago. Sent it out to DC Cutlery when I got it for a legit bevel straightening/light thinning/sharpening and they did a great job with it. Has a really clean mirror polish on the cladding now (last pic). I’ve only prepped a couple meals with it since getting it back and I just don’t think it’s for me. Sign me up for the swine club!

Paid $500 plus the visit to DC cutlery. Asking $525 shipped in the US

Specs are:
Height: 48mm
Length: 211mm
Weight: a svelte 199g

Link to the post I bought it from: 210 Denka