WTS 270mm 26c3 Honyaki Sujihiki

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Feb 28, 2022
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Hello All,

Here I have a blade that I've been sitting on for some time. I completed the grinding back around April and only just made time to do all of the hand finishing work last week. It doesn't carry the most active hamon I've ever created, but it's a looker nonetheless.

The blade is quite stiff, with very little taper in the first half of it's length, but it also has a very fine tip, tapering quite drastically in its last 50mm or so.




  • Blade: 273mmx40mm 26c3 64-65 hrc. 1200 grit finish, etched and polished to reveal the depth of the hamon
  • Neck: 18mmx17mm
  • Handle: 132mm long, 22mm x 26mm tapering to 19mm x 23mm, Bocote oil finished and waxed
  • POB: 53mm from the handle
  • Spine: 3.88mm at the handle, 3.48mm at halfway, .68mm 1cm from the tip
  • Grind: flat to convex RH bias
  • Weight: 211g
  • Relieved choil and spine
  • Edge: .13mm@1mm, .25mm@2mm, .62mm@5mm, .1.1mm@10mm from the edge, measured at the midpoint,
Asking $475 U.S + shipping. As always, if this blade is purchased in conjunction with another I will happily deduct $25 off of the price of the other blade.

Thanks for looking!

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