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WTS 2x natsuya 1x aizu

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May 29, 2022
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Osaka, Japan
Ok guys so the collection has grown and it's time to move some stones to some new homes. I really felt like my buying experiences have lacked detailed photos and consistent information. So I'll do my best to provide what I think is reasonable information so people can hopefully get what they wanted. Prices are in USD and include shipping. I budgeted 20 USD per piece for shipping, Ill do my best to ship anywhere in the world but if it costs much more than 20 USD the buyer pays the difference. Im in Japan if that info is useful to you.

Videos will be uploaded tomorrow. I use an atoma 400 for slurry generation and to refresh the face, 1st pass is with atoma slurry then it is washed off and used without slurry to show if it self slurries or not. Then continue to work to see what finishes can be had with more passes.

I can also seal any stone in cashew lacquer for you for let's say 10 USD

Natsuya #1
2591 grams
Roughly 80x68x207mm
435mm/g hardness 3.5

Price 260 USD 200 USD 170 USD

This stone seems the softer of the two, it creates a slightly darker kasumi and seems a little coarser. It doesn't clog up and continues to abraid. Doesn't burnish and the finish it leaves is quite consistently the same. Sorry I forgot to get a photo of the underside but it is flat/usable also. It is slightly different so who knows, could perform differently.
View attachment DSC00027.jpgView attachment DSC00028.jpg

2615 grams
Roughly 80x68x211mm
439mm/g hardness 3.5

280 USD 220 USD 180 USD

This one seems to feel a little harder, it produces a slightly lighter kasumi than #1 but looks finer, after working it longer it can burnish and begin to get more reflection from the cladding. It is more versatile than #1. I spent more time flattening this one and gave it a light coat with lacquer spray.

View attachment DSC00043.jpgView attachment DSC00042.jpg
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Aizu sold pending payment
1091 grams
440mm/g hardness 3

220 USD

This guy seems to be slightly coarser than my other aizu. Leaves a brighter kasumi with some fine scratches and slight reflection on cladding. You can see in the photos both ends are convexed slightly, I can flatten this out or you can just use as it is and eventually flatten it out. Underside is rough cut/hasn't been flattened.

Sharpening faceView attachment DSC00039.jpgView attachment DSC00033.jpgView attachment DSC00040.jpg
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Don't know why the images are just showing up as attachments? Anyway any questions just ask! I'll upload videos of them in action soon.



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