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WTS 2x Natsuya Japanese Natural Stone

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Dec 3, 2020
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Hi all!

Trying to downsize the collection & recently had to pay for some stuff that left a hole in my savings so I'm selling these 2 natsuya.

All polish photos were done by first sharpening the bevel to a 1k finish and then testing on the natsuya after to give show the difference in finish from an even standard. Included in each imgur album are photos of the stone, the wet surface, the slurry from a 600 grit atoma, the swarf photos and a polish picture. I'm not the most skilled polisher but hopefully the photos show enough of what the stones can do from a 1k finish.

1. 2584g 207 x 65 x 77mm $250 USD

This natsuya is a bit softer than the other one, and laps a bit more easily. Because it's a bit softer it's a bit more beginner friendly and won't streak as easily, however it does feel a bit more 'crunchy' than the #2, even though the finish is relatively similar. When I purchased this one it was flattened on one of the narrower sides, but if desired can be flattened on any of the other faces to be used as a surface if you want a larger area to sharpen on. It has a bit more of a vibrant, brighter colour and a few specks on black snowflake-shaped patterns on it.

2. 2621g 210 x 81 x65mm $300 USD

This natsuya is a bit harder, and has a slightly different effect to #1. After a bit of sharpening, the surface burnishes unlike #1 which keeps cutting. The sharpening feel is a bit smoother than #1, however like previously stated the finish is similar. Unfortunately I'm not quite skilled enough to use the burnishing effect, but I believe a more skilled polisher would be able to use this to achieve a pretty cool effect. The colour on this is slightly more golden than red and has a really nice swirling pattern on the surface.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, shipping within the aus will be $25 and for international please dm so I can get a quote.

Thanks for looking!

Edit 1: Happy to seal these using marine-grade polyurethane lacquer as well for anyone who wants it - just note it'll take a day or 2 to fully set so the shipping would be delayed by that amount of time

Edit 2: Shipping now included in the price
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Jun 25, 2021
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GLWS! vouch for 4phantom; he's helped with all the questions I had with his previous listings. All round great guy.