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SOLD $365 Stainless-clad Tanaka x Kyuzo 240, convex reprofile by XinGuo

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Sep 8, 2022
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My SS-clad Tanaka Kyuzo got a bit thick BTE, so I had it refurbished and reprofiled by XinGuo for $85, whose work has been featured here on KKF.

Now ground to a convex profile (you can think of it as a SS Tanaka x Yohei in a way) - a very beautiful and practical tool, great cutter and easy to take care of.

The knife
  • Selling for $365 shipped ($30 discount if bundled w/ my other things)
  • Weight: ~190g from my memories, TBU
  • Height: 47.8 mm
  • Spine thickness: Spine, middle, 1cm from the tip - 2.9 mm, 2.3 mm, 1.5 mm;
  • Used in a few meal preps, still quite sharp. Never needed to sharpen or strop.
  • Removed the patina with some Kasumi powder, now looks exactly like pictured. Quite new, minor signs of use under extreme lighting.
  • Got a Taihei-style optional handle

  • In your DM, please share everything you wanted to ascertain before purchasing. Helps both parties save some time from going back and forth
  • Payment via PayPal / venmo / bank transfer are all fine. Shipping is covered (costs me ~$50 to ship to CONUS, and $70 to Europe and Australia)
  • Shipping out of Beijing arrives in most countries in a week, occasionally takes a few more days at the customs. I will share tracking for both legs.
  • I've done quite a few transactions here, and my counterparties can back me up.



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