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WTS (6) Knives - Catchside (Price Drop) & Birgersson Gyutos, Brian Hanson Long Petty & Pairing, Takeda, & Tosaichi Petty

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Nov 10, 2021
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Portland, OR
Aiming to clear room on the racks after a couple new knives arrived this week. Located in Portland, OR. PM or email (scott AT on3pskis DOT com) both work.

Paypal only for payment. Pricing includes UPS insured shipping in lower-48 and any Paypal fees. I have access to pretty good international rates - so international is possible with all shipping covered and buyer assuming all import costs.


1) Catchside Gyuto - 1.2242 - 240mm240mm59mm310g$500Available
2) Birgersson Gyuto #176 - Mystery Carbon - 246mm246mm59mm214g$400SOLD
3) Brian Hanson Long Petty - 52100 - 184mm184mm37mm112g$150SOLD
4) Tosaichi Bright Petty - AS - 135mm135mm27mm90g$60SOLD
5) Brian Hanson Pairing - 52100 - 85mm85mm27mm70g$75SOLD
6) Takeda Classic Kogatana - AS84mm--$100SOLD

1) Catchside Gyuto - 1.2242 - 240mm - $600 - $550 - $500
Weight: 310g
Dims: 240mm x 59mm
Steel: 1.2242 with older style finish
Handle: Ebony

Original bought here. Really enjoyable knife and obviously does a lot of the work for you with the weight. Just got a custom from Simon that is going to fill this heavyweight slot, so time to pass it on. I felt the original profile was a bit too much of a bullnose, so I gave it a slight reprofile to make it a bit more gradual. Patina on this gets pretty interest with the texture on the cladding. I included a photo of the old profile at the end of the below post (photos with the patina) for reference to the original profile. Handle is pretty stunning in person, photos don't do it justice.

2) Birgersson Gyuto - #176 - 246mm - $400 - SOLD
Weight: 214g
Dims: 246mm x 59mm
Steel: Mystery Carbon
Handle: Walnut? Not fully sure.

Really don't want to sell this one, but was able to snag something from one of Edd's recent drops that is super similar in size. Just touched it up once with a 800/3000 + strop. Stiff, stays sharp forever. Weight feels great in hand. Just a great knife. Patina on, but i can remove if you prefer.

3) Brian Hanson Long Petty - 52100 - 184mm - $150 - SOLD
Weight: 112g
Dims: 184mm x 37mm
Steel: 52100
Handle: Figured Walnut and African Blackwood

Really enjoy this size and style. I added a hand-rubbed finish over the original belt grind. Sharpened once. Patina on, but can remove if you would like.

4) Tosaichi Bright Petty - AS - 135mm - $60 - SOLD
Weight: 90g
Dims: 135mm x 27mm
Steel: Aogami Super
Handle: Western

Just a good do it all petty, but finding my smaller knives are not really seeing much use. Had it awhile so probably hit a stone at some point.

5) Brian Hanson Pairing - 52100 - 85mm - $75 - SOLD
Weight: 70g
Dims: 85mm x 27mm
Steel: 52100
Handle: Figured Walnut

Great looking and feeling pairing knife. I just find for my cooking it doesn't get much use. Never sharpened.


6) Takeda Classic Kogatana - AS - $100 - SOLD
Steel: Aogami Super
Handle: Leather Wrap

I attached a leather handle to this. It is secure and adds some nice body to it. Pretty minimal use. I believe been sharped once just to see how it went.


Last two images won't preview, but should link-out. Thanks everyone.
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I'm the original owner of the Catcheside gyuto which I got from Will himself in the (I believe) one of his last, if not the last, "slots" he did back in 2020. The knife is a beast and cuts fantastically but I never connected with the with bullnose'ish (santoku??) profile combined with the height. This basically cuts down to my personal preferences. The knife might seem heavy from the mass but it is very well balanced. Now that the profile has been altered, combined with Will's fantastic craftsmanship in both blacksmithing, heat treament and final fit&finish this knife is a(n even more) fantastic purchase
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