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SOLD 8x2x1" Norton No.1 Washita

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Apr 27, 2020
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$55 US, or equivalent, + postage.

Have YOU always wondered why the cool kids nowadays spend their time talking about things like; 'porosity', 'specific gravity', and 'Cryptocrystalline Silicon Dioxide'...? Well this is YOUR chance to be in the gang!

Here is a full bench-size, '30s/'40s era, boxed and labelled Norton No.1 Washita. The specific gravity is at the lower end: 2.17, which means the stone cut remarkably quickly with pressure, while still finishing fine. Like all old Washitas this has a big range, but it's these lower SG stones that really show it to the max. This probably rolls from about 700, up to about 4k. I prefer Washitas as oilstones, but you don't have to. I know Stringer likes them with water, and he knows what he's about, so take your choice.

This is what Norton called a 'mounted' stone, which came glued into a wooden box, rather than loose in cardboard one. The stone is no longer glued in but it means that only one side of the stone is finished. The bottom's happily flat enough to sharpen without the stone wobbling, it's just not a usable surface. You could flatten it completely if you wanted, but there's not much point tbh. I've sanded down and oiled the box to make it look a bit nice again, and sealed the label on.

Why then is it half the price that the same thing might go for on ebay...? Well, when I got it the person had done little more than chucking it in an envelope and putting a stamp on, so it had broken. Luckily the break was completely clean, and so I could glue it back together very happily and it makes no difference at all in use. But you can see it.

This is a very good stone tbh, an excellent and typical example of everything good about old Washitas and why people love them. I'm only selling because yesterday I got a smaller Norton No.1 with an almost identical SG, in a cardboard box. And I have a slightly niche collection of old Nortons in cardboard boxes, rather than the posher wooden ones.



This last pic is the underside of the stone:



[I am also selling a brand new Leung Tim Caidao Chinese cleaver if anyone's interested in combining postage].
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And it's gone. (Deservedly quickly - I'll probably regret selling in an hour or so I imagine).