WTS A few knives (Sakai Takayuki Kengata Gyuto, Kikuichi Elite Nakiri, Tamahagane Petty)

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Apr 23, 2020
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Hello KKF community!

I’m letting go of some of my lesser used knives to make room for new ones. These are all in excellent condition, come in the original box, and have not been sharpened.

All prices are in USD and include shipping within CONUS. If you buy more than 1 item, I'm happy to pass on the savings to you from shipping costs - just PM me.

Sakai Takayuki Kengata Gyuto - $110

This k-tip gyuto has a hammered finish and a 33-layer damascus pattern with a VG-10 core. I liked the flatter profile of this knife and found it to be a good size between a normal bunka and gyuto.
  • Weight: 7.7 ounces / Blade Length: 190mm / Spine Thickness at Base: 1.9mm / Blade Height: 50.6mm
Sakai Takayuki 2.jpgSakai Takayuki 3.jpgSakai Takayuki 1.jpg

Kikuichi Elite Warikomi Gold Nakiri - $80

This was my first nakiri and I find the western handle gave it a good balance in hand. It is a san-mai construction with a VG-1 core.
  • Weight: 5.9 ounces / Blade Length: 161mm / Spine Thickness at Base: 2.0mm / Blade Height: 45.4mm
Kikuichi Nakiri 1.jpgKikuichi Nakiri 2.jpgKikuichi Nakiri 3.jpg

Tamahagane San Petty - $50

This petty is very comfortable with an oval handle and integrated bolster. It is a san-mai construction with a VG-5 core.
  • Weight: 2.9 ounces / Blade Length: 120mm / Spine Thickness at Base: 1.5mm / Blade Height: 28.2mm
Tamahagane 2.jpgTamahagane 1.jpgTamahagane 3.jpg