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Oct 24, 2015
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Hi Everyone,
This will be my last sale post in the foreseeable future. Selling a few of my most prized knives as I hat to see them sitting and not being used. These are knives I'm happy to keep so I'm pricing them for what the are worth to me. If my price offends anyone I'll be happy to keep these knives anyway.

All the prices are in usd $ as requested, the prices include the 4% paypal fees (these are a lot less than what you actually pay eventually which is 3% + the withdraw commissions and the ****** paypal conversion fee from usd to nis) but does not include shipping which should be around 35 usd per knife for EMS or 30 for Regular shipping. All sales are final and there will be no returns.

The list:
  • Ku Kato 240 with custom handle and saya from Cody Paul (BNIB - never used) - 3000$
    nimrod lavi knifes-10.jpg
    nimrod lavi knifes-9.jpg

  • Kato 180mm WH petty with burnt chestnut handle and custom saya from Cody Paul, the knife was pre-owned by Otto and thinned and refinished by him with a beautiful stone finish - 1050$
    nimrod lavi knifes-8.jpg
    nimrod lavi knifes-7.jpg

  • Minzuno Blue#2 270 BNIB - 325$
    nimrod lavi knifes-34.jpg

  • Three new original handles from knives I put custom handles on - 57$ each + 10$ shipping
    nimrod lavi knifes-29.jpg
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Aug 9, 2017
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All the prices are in British pound £ as the dollar is week...
The BST rules don't let you list in foreign currency, unless you are restricting sales geographically (eg, of EU/UK buyer ONLY).

Values must be listed for all knives/items being sold. USD shall be the preferred and default currency. For items listed for sale in a restricted market, e.g. Europe, the prevailing currency of that market is acceptable.