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Oct 31, 2023
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I have an Adonis MK1 up on BST. It’s garnered some interest but no takers as of yet. It’s a nice knife, so I thought I’d see if folks would be interested in a passaround before getting out my vacuum and going door-to-door. Would be interested in hearing others’ thoughts on Antoine’s work.

To keep this cost-effective, this passaround would be CONUS only, apologies to the international folks. First 8 or so members who reply here will be added to the list. Your account should be over 6 months old and/or have documented BST transaction history. Please only sharpen if you know your way around whetstones. The knife is valued at $660. Participants will be responsible for any damage or loss. Take a before and after photo to help identify any damage. Plan to spend no more than a week with it before moving it on.

In short, I guess please be a competent knife user and not someone who bashes knives on titanium cutting boards or marble countertops?

If this tickles your fancy, respond with an “in” and your location.
Received. Edge is very sharp, slight patina on blade, but no visible rust.
Knife went out today to Homechef.

It was a pleasure to use. Much lighter than I expected (I do prefer a slightly weightier blade). Not really a laser, but thin bte up to the spine. Cuts very well. I used it to prep one meal cutting onions, peppers and chicken breast. I really liked how tall the blade was throughout, but still shorter at the tip for finer work. Craftsmanship was great and it's a very handsome blade. Unlike bermuda_chub I enjoyed the grip/balance. I prefer a full pinch and balance/finger notch were just right. Also had nice rounding of spine and choil. Overall very pleasurable.

Thanks again tay.

ETA: Arrived sharp enough, so I did not sharpen. I did strop on felt before oiling and packaging.

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Thanks @Homechef , I got the knife in last night. I completely forgot about this passaround and thought it was the Shi.han 270 before I opened the box. I was a confused puppy for a couple of seconds. Then I had to explain why I had TWO knives waiting for me.

Got a few test cuts in. Interesting stuff. I'll give it a good go this weekend.
@pitted_soul - Thanks for the tag, good reminder to get in here and post my review!

@tay314 - Thanks for doing this pass around. Really cool to share your knife with your KKF internet family. Adonis had been on my radar for a while, but hadn't pulled the trigger on one yet. I enjoyed the chance to put one to work and get a feel for it.

One more bit of randomness for the rest of passaround crew - There was a little bit of rust trying to set up shop right where the handle meets the blade. I got in there with some flitz to clean it out the best I could, but I'd recommend keeping it oiled between uses, especially in the machi gap area.

Overall I thought this was a fun knife, but it sat slightly outside of my preferences. I used it mainly for veg prep when I had it. Started with the obligatory onion and sweet potato. No issues at all with the onion. Tip was smooth on horizontal cuts. The knife handled sweet potatoes fairly easily as well. Stiction wasn't bad, about what I'd expect for this knife. I also made some chimichurri so got to cut up a bunch of parsley and peppers (I did the garlic with my 150 petty). Edge was still in decent shape and no real trouble with the pepper skins. Parsley was probably my biggest challenge, but that was more due to profile than performance. I think I'm more used to a flatter profile than I realized. This knife has a kind of a smooth belly throughout and I was finding I had to adjust my cutting style to accommodate. Maybe just trying to do too much at once...

I think the only negative things I had were preference related. I'm currently leaning more towards heavier, thicker knives and flatter profiles. This one is a bit on the thinner side for me and the profile had a littler too much roll for my cutting style. With the machi gap, spine thickness and decent performance, the knife gave me some fujiyama vibes aside from maybe a little higher tip on this one.

Thanks again @tay314!