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Feb 8, 2023
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My name is Elias Borota and over the last few months I've taken an interest in custom knives and sharpening.

I can't cook for **** but am learning how to as a hobby, but not putting in nearly as much time into as I should be.

Every maker I've reached out to has been totally awesome to either work with or talk to, and the same goes for all non-makers I've reached out to on Instragram. Special mention goes to Tyler Leach ("tylerdavidleach") and Jerf Chang ("ching.chongchang"), and Gabe of Crocker Cutlery (who spent a long time on multiple occasions graciously answering many questions I had).

I index of performance—no matter how beautiful the knife, if I do not like its performance, I do not want it, though we are fortunate that many of the best performers happen to also be beautiful.

I plan on selling a few of the knives I've bought over the last year or two, and that they may end up for sell does not mean they do not perform extremely well—I am starting to get "too many" knives and only want a 5-knife rotation for the time being. There's no point in many of them just sitting around when they could be being used / bringing joy to others. I'm a having a hard time choosing which to keep.

Knives that may be up for sell relatively soon are from the following makers (an asterisk indicates I'm waiting on a shipped order from that maker):

1. Dan Bidinger
2. Tobias Hangler*
3. Tobias Heldqvist
4. Tony LaSeur
5. Andrea Lisch
6. Oliver Märtens*

The knife community has been awesome and I look forward to getting to know more of you!