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Mar 25, 2011
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Hi All,

Finally I've finished the second version. It's on the market.
How to find the app on the market:
1) Search for "knife steel chart"
2) search "pub:zviSoft"
3) If you have barcode reader in your phone then use this QR code:

Unfortunately, for multiple reasons, I was forced to change application id, so the standard update from the market will not work. Which means, technically steel chart 2.0 is a different app form 1.0. So, you have to uninstall the v 1.0 yourself, installing v2 will not remove the old one. I didn't want to do it, but had to, lost all my ratings and comments in process...

What's new:

Too many updates, but here are the highlights.

1) Since 1.0 more than 1000 records were updated/added. All AISI, DIN, EN, W-Nr, GB standard compositions for high speed, and all types of tool steels have exact compositions from the standards.

2) Database updates - This was the major new feature that took the longest to implement. App can connect to the online version of the Knife Steel Chart and download fixes and updates since last checkup.
Considering that multi-table database synchronization cab be finicky, especially when the data comes over wireless connection, i.e. connection can be lost at any time, downloaded data is verified and then applied to local db in the phone, but if any record fails then the whole update session is cancelled.
If at any time database becomes corrupted, which is very unlikely, but since I still can make mistakes... There is recover Database option in the app, under Database menu. It will restore original, prepackaged database.
App can remind you to run check for the updates periodically, set in the Database operations dialog, daily, weekly or monthly, or you can disable reminders.

3) Steel browser view automatically shows/hides toolbar to call comparison graph or clear selection as the user selects/deselects alloys, no longer need to click menu button to choose graph or clear selection operations.

4) Filter dialog has a few improvements too:
Disabled autosuggest for text fields, considering very specific search terms, it was just getting in the way.
For all text fields, clicking "Enter" button on the soft keyboard has the same effect as slicking Search button in the same dialog, i.e. executes search operation using selected filters.
For all text fields, * wildcard is automatically appended at the end of the text, since typing that on the phone is more cumbersome. That was the user request, and after testing it for a while, I think it does speed things up.

5) Graph view - touching bar group for any element displays popup with exact composition values as before, but now with color coding and alloy name as well.

6) Error reporting - If a critical error happens during installation or database updates, the app will catch it (hopefully all of them) and prompt you to send the error to developer, that'd be me :) Besides crashes, there is a chance that I will make a mistake when updating main database, so during an update you may get an error about orphan compositions, or things like that. If you encounter one before me, please send the error report, just once though.

Errors are sent using email application. There is no private information sent in the error report. Only particular error message with callstack if applicable. That's it. You can see all that in the email body. If you don't mind adding device type and android OS version to the email, it's better.

As I've stated in another thread, there was an issue with HTC inspire phones, and I don't have one, I can't reproduce the problem on other devices or simulators either, so it's unlikely I've fixed that crash. If you got one, try the app and send me the crash report or contact me.