Anyone ever seen Grantons do anything?

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I used a santoku for a long time that had the granton edge and it never had any useful purpose. They did offer a major drawback. I used the knife long enough that as the edge was worn down from sharpening I finally reached the bottom of the dimples. Granted the sharpening method I was using at the time shortened the life of that knife, but it would have happened sooner or later anyway.
I think they would work if they were deep enough. Maybe like a yanagi. I just havent seen one deep enough on both sides to make a difference.
They make cringle cut potatoe chips when you sharpen it enough.
If food doesn't stick to a knife, I don't take much notice.

When it does stick, I notice it.
Aside from hearing that Glestains design works well I'm going to have to say the other designs are weak and gimmicky.
Love my Glestain. Nothing sticks to it. Everything stays in place without trying when dicing potatoes, squash, etc. Less drag when your pulling your knife out of the cut.

The rest suck and I've tried a few.
I want a glestain I just fear they are over priced .... That is one thing I have seen grantons do! Make a knife COST more! ***?

Least Glestain is really unique and everyone says they actually work. Before Jon opened his shop and was still cooking he and I talked about it once and he said the Glestain was the only time he EVER saw dimples work. The rest have no excuse for price increases IMO

Wait until Korin has their sale. I wanted a Glestain for a while and held back until their 15% off deal. Made it much more affordable.