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WTS ARM-ed and dangerous cleaver sale (price drop)

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bump, 3 squares and 2 weird knives remaining!
FYI will be gone from this Saturday through the 15th, if anyone messages me during that time about one of the remaining knives, I'm not ignoring you
wasn't going to drop prices again but I have some knives incoming and need to pay for em so..... see new pricing! Dropped it a good bit this time
Pig Iron, Maillet and Shir are the three remaining. I'm open to offers
Bump, these are at crazy prices now.

  • Pig Iron Forge: Blade w/o handle cost me $800, selling with an heirloomed handle for $550. (used 2x total)
  • Shir Cleaver, cost me $800, selling for $500 (used only 10x)
  • Maillet, cost me $450 used, selling for $390