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SOLD Birgersson, Hardent & Yu Kurosaki small knives

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Aug 13, 2022
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Hi all, I'm looking to sell the following knives. They have all been used but are otherwise in good condition. All prices include shipping in the EU! If you want more pictures or have any questions about one of the knives, please let me know!

Birgersson 170mm Santoku - asking €260,- -> now €225,-
- I should know by now that small knives are not my thing, otherwise this would've been a great match for me. It's not to heavy but feels solid, has a good grind and the steel that Birgersson is known for. Handle is a nice bocote. I bought it on the forum and have only sharpened it on a bbw once.
- Thickness at stamp: 1,99mm (1mm 1cm from tip)
- Blade height approx. 49 mm
- Weight approx. 134g

Hardent Knives 205mm gyuto - asking €100,-. -> SOLD
- Again, this knife is just to small for me so it doesn't see any use. It's one of the thinnest knives I've seen and if you ask a description I'd say it's like a Kiwi but actually well made and able to last you a long long time. The steel doesn't have the best retention but a quick strop gets it back to razor sharpness easily. I bought this from reddit, former owner fully sharpened it once and I've just stropped it. It has some discoloration but there is no texture on any of the spots and the tip is tipped.
- Steel is 75ni9 at 61 HRC
- Weight is 108g
- Blade height approx. 51 mm

Yu Kurosaki Senko petty 150 mm (151x30mm) - Asking €160,- --> SOLD
I bought this petty to round out my Yu Kurosaki Senko collection about 1 month before I decided I wanted to try as many different makers and types of steel as I could. So this hasn't been used more than a handful of times and only been touched up once on an Aoto. The steel is SG2 and the handle is made out of rosewood. It has some scratches which I've tried to show in the pictures.

Dao Vua slicer 27mm - asking €40,-. A lot has been said about Dao Vua and personally I wouldn't call it a great or even good knife. But the handle is nice, the blade is mostly straight and for someone looking to try out a slicer of this length or want to learn to sharpen larger knives I would say it's fine. That's the job that it has done for me at least and I enjoyed it for what it was.






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Hi, is the Kurosaki petty still available ? And if so would you be willing to let it go for a poor student for 150€ ?
Quick feedback : I just received my knife and everything was perfect ! Very kind and reactive seller, nice package, overall an amazing experience with a member you can trust. Thank you