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SOLD BNIB TANAKA DAMASCUS 240 B#1- Priced to sell!!

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Jan 17, 2022
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Nashville, TN
Hello everyone,

Really really sad to see this one go…

I am looking to sell my absolutely gorgeous Tanaka Kyuzo Damascus B#1 240 with Spalted Maple handle and blonde buffalo horn ferrule. Soft iron Damascus cladding.

Everything about this knife is spectacular… the fit and finish is top flight, just holding it in your hand you can feel that it’s something special (as is the case with several of Tanaka San’s knives). To be honest this is also my favorite handle of all of my knives, both for looks and feel, and I’d love to keep it but it just belongs with this knife.

Specs of the knife:

Length: 235mm on the cutting edge, 248mm from handle to tip

Height: 53mm

Weight: 155g

Thickness at spine: (I don’t have calipers but measuring the old fashion way…)
- 3mm
-Halfway down: 1mm
-About .8mm right before grind at the tip

Handle: Spalted Maple with blonde buffalo horn ferrule

I got this one from Tosho last year, purchased right before it was posted to the sight (which was super cool of Tyler to do). The other, with a black ferrule was sold right after it was posted. I chose this one because I was in love with the handle and because of the MASSIVE amount of exposed core steel on the right side of the blade.
Also, on the right side of the knife, it should be noted that there is what’s called an island, or a place where the soft iron cladding was, not connected to the rest of the cladding and was ground away when the knife was ground. You would have to see in person but is only noticeable in certain light at certain angles. A very small round-ish spot that reflects light differently. Has zero to do with performance or anything for that matter, but I wanted to mention it. I was shown all of this before purchasing the knife and was no big deal. I will include a close up photo..

This beauty has never been used, stropped, sharpened, nothing. Mint condition.

Like I said this one is very hard to let go but I need to free up some funds… I’m getting married this year!

$700 Shipped and Insured


Nobody in Sakai does a better Damascus cladding than Yoshikazu Tanaka. “Kyuzo” maybe gets the most out of it as well. I prefer “Yohei” but damn this is a beauty.

glws. Out of curiosity where is the balance point
oh man. if I didnt already have a tanaka kyuzo stainless and ku.....

this is a convex grind?
Wooosh, if that's not a proof of love, I don't know anything about it!

I have the FM 255 released earlier this year (you have one too i think). Would you say that they are close in terms of performance?