Bourbon barrel salmon planks now available (limited supply)

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John Loftis

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Apr 6, 2012
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We just went live with these grilling planks made from 9-12 year old bourbon barrels. Our shop smells... wonderful. Freshly sawn white oak and bourbon wafting through the air. Knob Creek sent me enough bung staves to do a couple hundred of these. My wife and I are looking forward to grilling some salmon this weekend and giving the planks a trial run. Major h/t to @stringer for testing these out and for giving us the recipe for the maple bourbon glaze!

I'm selling these for $20/pair, which basically covers my costs. $5 shipping inside the CONUS, or free shipping if you spend $100 or more. International customers, PLEASE email me first so we can check on the most cost-effective shipping rates.

You can purchase them here. When they're gone, they're gone.

BTW, as part of the partnership, we did a virtual tasting with Knob Creek and I've really enjoyed their Rye whiskey. I'm normally not a rye guy, but I love this stuff (I'm not a bourbon expert, by any stretch).

I will have bourbon barrel smoking wood available once this partnership has concluded. It won't work in a pellet-style smoker, but this stuff would be incredible for a traditional smoker.


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Mar 12, 2012
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St Pete, the one in Florida
Hi John, I'm pretty sure I saw Stringer's bourbon glaze recipe in here but can't find it. And salmon is on the menu 2nite. Linky?