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How about some tubes to go with the boxes.
There is a certain flavor of OCD about this topic?

Myself, I have the boxes that every firearm or telescopic sight I own came in. The manuals are in them, along with whatever other tools or spare parts were included. I actually have some of these boxes from my father and brothers arms too. But this is totally NORMAL. (In some circles)
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Torn between creeped out and laughing because he looks like he's thinking "Just the ****ing picture."
Yeah, one of those times where you just have to go: "Yes, we did the photoshoot and so on, but we're better off not using this image."
I realized recently I've been on a pandemic buying spree and have a lot of the boxes sitting around. This box has been a lifesaver during lockdown since I couldn't hit my favorite cafe for lattes.


This one has made evenings in front of the tv a lot more fun.

I don’t know how I missed this but this site has taught me so much. First I was into knives and thought I had a knife problem. Then I was into stones and I definitely had a stone problem. Today I finally realize I was into boxes the whole time.