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Oct 27, 2022
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Weird mix of stuff I no longer use. Will cut deals if you grab any stones/multiples as well.

  1. 140mm deba originally from @refcast
    1. Don't know the steel, feels like sticky glassy white, real hard and gets real sharp. Reactive cladding, tried to work on the bevels but they are pretty tough to polish due to how sticky the steel feels. Ura makes full contact. Looking for $30 shipped.
    2. Pictures SOLD
  2. Cleaver 195x85
    1. Cheap Chinese cleaver, please see details from original posting here. I was going to work on this thing but I ended up never touching it. Still exact condition from original post. $25 shipped.
    2. PicturesSOLD
  3. Knot Handcrafted 170mm Cleaver/Big Nakiri
    1. Thin with nice convexity near the edge. Cuts through everything really nice. Steel is O2 at 60HRC I believe, sharpens ridiculously easily and takes a nice edge. Originally from @DF18. There's some dimples on the blade faces due to a mustard patina that sat too long, but so it goes. Low grit finish on it now, could probably use a refinishing. Great no-frills cutter. $125 shipped.
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  4. 170mm Tadefusa Usuba Shiro #2, mild steel cladding
    1. Ho wood & buffalo horn handle, I got this one in not so great condition and refinished it the best I could. Reasonable finish but I'm not the best polisher. Great cutter and absurdly thin for an usuba. Looking for $80 shipped.
    2. Pictures
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