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WTS Cashew Lacquer

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Mar 17, 2020
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Toronto - Hong Kong

I have got some left-over (mostly unused) cashew which I got it directly from Japan a year ago, but since most of my stones are sealed already, and so I will put them on sale.

Color: Transparent (super clear), Half-transparent (clear), yellow, and dark-yellow

Weight: 50g (net weight)

Cashew Lacquer:
$70 /50g

2023-02-08 11-14-03.jpg

If you are living in Toronto, you can also pick them up directly from me so that it can help you save some money for the shipping.

Anyway, I will pour the cashew into a glass bottle and ship it through Canada Post. (I will record the entire process and show you upon request).

It is also possible to ship it using FedEx or UPS (though shipping cost will be higher), please dm me for more information.

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