SOLD Catcheside 260, Mazaki 180, Mazaki 210

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Aug 4, 2019
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For sale 3 knives.

+++SOLD+++ Mazaki petty kasumi 180
Steel white 2
Edge lenght 189mm
Heel height 36,3mm
Spine at the heel 3,85mm
Weight 99gr
Handle ho wood d shape.
Comes with original box

Got this from JNS 6months ago. I've used it few times, no sharpening or touchups. I am selling it because I prefer the kurouchi version more. I am asking 150$ to eu, + 20$ to elsewhere.

+++SOLD+++ Mazaki 210 kasumi gyuto bnib
Steel white 2
Edge lenght 214mm
Heel height 51,2mm
Spine at the heel 4,6mm
Handle ho wood d shape
Comes with original box

Got this from JNS 6 months ago. BNIB, I am selling because the profile just isnt for me. I would like to have 180$ to EU, +20$ elsewhere.

Catcheside gyuto
Steel 1.2442
Edge lenght 261mm
Heel height 52,7mm
Weight 256gr
Spine at the handle 7,2mm
Spine at the heel 4,8mm
Handle desert iron wood handle

I have used it 4 family meal prep. No sharpening or touchups. It is one of my best cutters, does everything great IMO, handle is really beautiful and comfortable with the thick spine at the handle. I am selling this because I am into taller blades and I have name in will's list, so new blade coming this year(need to have one catcheside :D). I paid it 720$, I would like to get 620$ to EU, + 640$ elsewhere.

More info, link to Instagram, where I bought the knife:
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