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Christmas coming up need some cash

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Jul 3, 2011
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Im selling a few knives that i really don't use anymore. Most come with original box. Buyer pays shipping, if paypal add 3%

Misono ux10 santoku 7"- great condition $200

Shun classic 8" chefs with scallops- Heavily used but still in good shape. - $90

Forschner 10" chefs in good condition.- $55

Square Usuba Knife (Japanese Professional) 7"- $80

I'll Take the best offer for each. Thanks!

2011-10-11 17.11.45.jpg 2011-10-11 17.16.06.jpg 2011-10-11 17.11.36.jpg 2011-10-11 17.12.04.jpg