Closing for a month, storing knives?

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Jul 3, 2011
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So our restaurant closes every september and i have acquired some carbon and semi-stainless knives this year. I normally use most of them on a daily basis so its not a big deal and make sure their dry and stored in their sayas.

I was thinking i will sharpen them, and then make sure their dry and do the same thing. although being here in fl we have so much humidity i feel they will probably get too moist over that amount of time. Is there anything i should do?

Also with small rust spots on the spine, can you use flitz to remove it or what is the best way?
A light coating of food grade mineral oil(or camila(sp) oil) or keep them stored in an old telephone book,doesn't look great but all that paper keeps them dry as a bone.
Thats a good idea, i never thought about that before but sounds good to me.

Any idea for removing small random spots of rust or pitting i guess not really sure its rust yet.
I've heard that" Barkeepers Friend"or some other type of mild abrasive will do the trick for rust,never used it myself.I'm sure the other members will chime in with some good advice.
I've used Barkeepers Friend and it works really good on lighter rust (not sure if it's heavy) Also does a good job if you want to remove patina. As for storage, camila is what I use if I know I'm not going to be using any of my carbons for a while.
Barkeepers will work on some pretty heavy rust, I use it with an old wine cork and it works great
In a class by itself as a rust preventative is:

Amazon has it.

My motorcycle chain, which used to rust up in a few days, has now been rust free staying outside in Florida through seven hurricanes using this stuff. It is magic.