WTS Custom 190mm F.Vaz out of magnacut with ebony and carbon fiber pins

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Dec 2, 2022
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Hey guys!

I was inspired by member "Kgp" which ordered me a custom design i did back in 2021. I realized it was a design that had a lot of potential and somehow i just forgot about it.


When doing a custom design, it is exceptionally hard to keep it functional yet aesthetically pleasing. As its shape may be complex and have curves and such, it can greatly alter the balance and overall comfort of the knife.

Video of its balance

This is a design i have been mastering and changing minor details since 2020.

It features an amazing flat zone in the blade (around 70mm) and then a smooth curve towards the tip. It also has a subtle distal taper.

While the blade isnt made to be a laser, it has a very aggressive grind and some nice rounded corners (choil and spine).

It is 50mm at the widest point (start of the edge)

The handle is a dream to use. It is polished except by the pinch grip facet that is intentionally coarse so you can have a lot of grip even when wet.

Carbon fiber has average density of 1,8g/cm³. Ebony has around 1,2g/cm³ , not only is aesthetically cool to make carbon fibers pins hidden in the natural color of the ebony but the fact they have similar density also makes it less prone to cracking since both materials will contract and expand at similar rates than if it was used stainless steel pins. It is carefully set in the right position to keep the right balance.

The entire handle (both tang and wood scales) is full of hidden pins of epoxy inside of it.

Im really confident that this design will be very pleasing to whoever try it.



700 shipped worldwide + zipped pouch included
While im new to this forum, can provide tons of international references

Feel free to contact me for a custom here

Thanks guys, have a nice day everyone.