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SOLD Dalman 210 HSS1 Rainbowed for your pleasure

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Jun 8, 2021
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Shreveport LA
This is a 210mm Dalman in HSS-1 (the stuff Wolverine’s bones are made out of) with an S grind. It measures closer to 215 and is about 60mm tall. 4mm at the spine and 230g. I got it a few months ago, I’ve used it 2-3 times and it has never been sharpened or stropped. It’s a crazy cutter and super well balanced.

It does have a very small tip defect. This was most likely damaged during shipping. I reached out to Robin about it, and he told me that he is absolutely sure it’ll sharpen out, but he also offered to take it back to buzz it off with the grinder. I chose to hold on to it. It’s almost too small to see. I didn’t even see it at first, but I felt it with the kitchen towel. It has not effected performance in the slightest.

I’m asking $675 shipped, shipping, insurance and fees included. I’ll pack it in the original box. Thanks for looking!
Damn, I REALLY have to stop watching the BTS thread, but I have this gorgeous Dalman, a Birgersson, and a Kippington inbound, so I am a broke but happy camper. Wanted an S-grind forever, thanks so much!

Congrats. The HSS1 is a fun steel, and seller is awesome. If I may ask, what BB is inbound? I’ve got a 240 western from him and I love that knife more than my kids. 😅