DMT mini-sharp as naguras?

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Mar 4, 2011
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I know some of you guys use these as naguras. I'm interested in getting some, just wondering what I need realistically. Thinking of just picking up an extra fine one, do I need more than that? I feel the harder stones in my lineup could benefit from slurry generation before a knife hits it.

Currently my stone lineup is....

dmt xxc
masahiro 600
bester 1200
synthetic aoto
arashiyama 6000
I say yes. Or just a finer dmt or atoma on the finer stones.
I saw Jon using one in one of his videos and quizzed him about it. He told me about the two Diaface minis so I picked up the pair. I use the 600 on my 1.2k and 3k stones and the 1500 on my 6k and 8k stones. They work up a nice slurry and since I'm using a XXC plate to flatten, they also remove the scratches that the plate leaves. Also my 3k SS seems to glaze over pretty quick and the minis are handy to knock the glaze off.
Interesting I'll look into both the dmt and diaface.

For the dmt, do I need all 3?
Interesting I'll look into both the dmt and diaface.

For the dmt, do I need all 3?

nah... but they're so cheap what does it matter. Its sometimes nice to have the coarser ones a bit and the finer ones works well on high grit stones
When I use a diamond nagura I just scratch down the surface with a credit card sized #600 DMT and then flush off the slurry in cold water. The scratched top surface on the stone will now break down fast as you start to sharpen and create a clean stone slurry without any renegade diamond particles, and the stone will polish itself in the sharpening process.