do you pack a lunch for work?

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Feb 1, 2013
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i know some of you all work in a place that makes food, so i assume you get food(?).

i am a regular Joe in an office environment. while i love eating out with friends and coworkers, there is no denying the money savings of packing last night's dinner for the next day. eating out = me getting fatter as well.

today's lunch was this. (man, i love my EDC chopsticks. i forgot a fork again!)

I bring my food pretty much everyday. As I've gotten older I've become more of a grazer so I bring smaller portions but more stuff to munch on at different times.

I always have a jar of mixed nuts (mix them myself so I can control sodium better) usually with dried cranberries added in.

No pictures but today I brought a square of baked oatmeal, an orange, and some leftover grilled pork and steamed rice. Leftovers are a common component of my lunches.
I usually try and make enough extra dinner for lunch the next day....Ive come to use a really big soup bowl for just about all my meals...After dinner I can just scoop up whatever is left over and throw it right in the fridge to bring to work the next day. Using up left overs and minimizing the need to wash a dish!
I pretty much double or triple every recipe these days, vacuum seal up the extra and freeze it for later. I have completely eliminated seed oils out of my diet, along with some other unhealthy ingredients, and that really limits me if I want to eat something out. So, yeah, I bring food every day. Mine tastes better too ;)
I pack a lunch every day. Almost always leftover from dinner the night before. And almost always I scarf it down at my desk because I don’t have time to eat. Also, I spend all my money on knives and stones, not high calorie expensive and usually not that great lunches out.
Most days I'm in the office its ham, turkey or roast beef and cheese on a flour tortilla. I throw it in the toaster over for a few minutes to melt the cheese and roll it up. Over the last week or so it's been leftover eggdrop soup twice, but I typically don't bring in leftovers because we use them for other dinners (lots of late afternoon activities for our son, so not always much time to cook after work).
Yes, for sure….always….Most of times left overs from dinner. A lot of times while I’m cooking dinner I’m prepping/ cooking lunch. Like tonight… made salmon, roasted potatoes & veg for dinner. At the same time prepped pork belly and a pineapple slaw for a taco lunch tomorrow. I don’t meal prep for the whole week tho.