SOLD Double beveled Kiridashi

Discussion in 'Hobbiest Sales' started by Christian Trajkovski, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Christian Trajkovski

    Christian Trajkovski

    Christian Trajkovski

    Scaniansteel Hobbyist Craftsman

    Oct 10, 2018
    Not exactly an chef knife but it can definitely find use in and around the kitchen or as an serving knife.

    This Kiridashi has an double bevel (both sides tapers to the cutting edge). It’s crafted from stainless Damasteel, stabilized birch burl, liners of black vulcanized fiber and bronze pins.

    HRC: 63
    Total length: 11,1 cm
    Spine width: 3,2 mm

    Asking price: $75
    Shipping: $10

    17774FC4-B6AD-4647-81B2-A1F336897403.jpeg 728F4D32-59F5-4025-920E-EC8A1DCD7645.jpeg 43CACA46-7E84-44E8-A78E-F39714B76D39.jpeg
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