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SOLD DT 1.2519/stainless clad 240mm

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Jan 9, 2019
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Bend, OR
Hey folks. I absolutely love everything about this knife, but want to try and find a DT in his stainless/raindrop dammy stainless variety. I almost snagged one from him, but just missed it and I regret that. So no trades unless you got something from Devin with that setup (feel free to reach out). It's a long 240mm, and runs per the specs below:
1.2519 with stainless claddingBocote, Micarta, Ebony Octogonal handle244 grams52mm at heel249mm blade407mm OAL
This is a newer one from his recent work, posted on his IG here.
Looks the same except the 1.2519 core is starting to put on a nice rainbow after his coffee etch.
Asking what I paid, $960.