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Jun 25, 2011
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Hello folks,

I know I posted these pics over in the introductions area, but many probably don't go over there regularly and if you are like me you can never ogle too many knives. Since this is the area for pics, here you go:


The Gyuto is White steel clad in stainless ( white#2 I would guess) and is made by Hiroshi Kato in Takefu, and purchased from Knifewear in Calgary.

Nakiri is also White steel but clad in iron Damascus. Made by Yu Kirosaki also in Takefu and purchased at knifewear.

Petty is a JCK Kagayaki AS 150.

Not pictured is a Masamoto 240 KS Gyuto which is still in Japan awaiting Canada post getting it's Sh!t together and getting the mailmen back to work :bashhead:

Also pictured are some expensive fake rocks that I rub my knives on. Counter clockwise from top left are a Norton 220 :yuck:, 700 and 2000 Besters, a 4000 Naniwa, an 8000 Imanishi and a Norton flattening stone.

Also threw in a picture of one of many custom scandi knives I have done for good measure.

Hope you like em :D
How's the larch board working out?
Great stuff, by the way!
How's the larch board working out?

I like it a lot! It is a bit grippier than say maple but I have found this to be improving with more use/waxing/oiling. It succeeds in keeping the knife from hitting the counter top as well :sofa:.

my only regret is not getting a bigger one.

Great stuff, by the way!