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WTS Edge Pro Apex 4 Jig Kit (UK/EU)

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Feb 15, 2021
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London, UK
Bought in a more time-limited chaotic period of my life, I thought the Edge Pro would give me a bit of a short cut to consistent edges and new insights into angles that would provide a lazy alternative to freehand sharpening. Or something.

Of course it didn’t work out like that - this thing still has a learning curve and I couldn’t even find time to rub a knife against a stone back then, let alone absorb instructions about jigs and blade tables from a dullard on DVD. Less dry rmemories of my Edge Pro experience can be found here (warning: contains rudeness and drugs references)

Anyway, back in the bag it went after a single use, before being hidden in a wardrobe for most of the past decade. Time for someone else to get jiggy with this!

This is the full Edge Pro Apex 4 kit, with polishing tapes and other bits I’ve clearly never used (see pics below for contents). Only missing the DVD of the aforementioned dullard - no loss, given the same content’s available online. Did I mention that I found him dull?

Currently on sale for £240 from knives and tools. Asking a very reasonable £120/145 eur + shipping at cost to help it find a more appreciative home, cunningly priced at a level that should attract no duties.