End Grain Cutting Board in Cherry

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Marko Tsourkan

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Feb 28, 2011
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For finishing a board I prefer to oil it overnight, and then to apply a coat of natural waxes/mineral oil mixture and to buff it. At this stage, the board has only been oiled. Will post pics of a finished product tomorrow.

This was a custom order. I do have enough of the same lumber for one more. It's is highly figured cherry. Some of the figure shows on the endgrain in the middle of the board.

Yes it is. The board's size is 22.25"x16.5"x1 3/4". From the lumber I selected, I had only enough for two boards, so I gave a customer a choice for a 2" thick board in 15" width, or 1 3/4" in 16.5" width. She chose the latter.

Also, the rubber feet are recessed into the bottom of the board, so it sits 3/16 over the counter.

I must say that I like my 1 3/4 inch board. It takes off just enough weight and width.


For my own home, I will make 1 3/4'. Our counter tops are already at a certain height, and my wife is 5'4, so for her to use a cutting board comfortably, it has to sit low and be as thin as possible.
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