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Oct 24, 2020
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Likely many of you have received the email from Daniel of Blade Gallery/Epicurean Edge advising that the building that they have expended extensive resources in remodeling is now potentially at risk of demolition for a Light Rail system in Seattle. Daniel advises that they may not be able to do it again if they lose this space. I'll provide the email below.

There are no politics here. This is at the least just information, but also, if you're so inclined, a request to send an email on their behalf. Daniel includes a copy and paste example if you want to use it. And not living in the city doesn't mean your voice doesn't matter. It may. If you don't want to email, there is nothing wrong with that. These things are complicated and all respect is due.

These folks are a former KKF sponsor and still provide a 5% discount to KKF members. All you have to do is tell them once in the comments and they will automatically apply the discount thereafter.

Thanks for reading.



We need your help!

After more than 2 years renovating our new location in Seattle, we have recently been notified Sound Transit that the building may be acquired through eminent domain for a Light Rail path. Even if this weren't during the Covid19 pandemic, this buildout has been a tremendous undertaking and the prospect of starting over is extremely daunting (and prohibitively expensive!).

There's still hope, however.

Please take a few minutes and send an email asking City of Seattle and Sound Transit to help save our building and our business. I have created some text below. You can copy and paste this email and send it to the following email addresses. Obviously, feel free to make changes and personalize the message as much as possible:

[email protected] (Seattle District 2 Councilmember)
[email protected] (Seattle Citywide Councilmember)
[email protected] (Seattle Citywide Councilmember)
[email protected] (Sound Transit comments)

At the bottom of the email, please be sure to include your name, home address, email, and phone.

If you can cc: us in your response, this will be helpful so that we can keep track of how many assistance requests they have received.

If you would prefer to send comments through the Sound Transit website, you can also do that here:

If you'd like, you can also learn about the Light Rail project being developed. We're not necessarily against Light Rail, we would just like to keep our building and keep our business going.

We really appreciate you taking the time to help us out and keep us running for years to come. By making an online comment, writing an email, or sending a ltter, you will make a huge impact.


Dear Councilmembers and Sound Transit

I am a customer at BladeGallery’s Epicurean Edge in SODO (Seattle). This last fall, they moved from Kirkland, WA to Seattle. I’m very excited about their new larger storefront and look forward to their classes such as knifemaking, forging, culinary knife skills, and sharpening. I’ve recently heard that they are in danger of their new location being taken through eminent domain for Light Rail. This is a unique business, serving as a hub for the international bladesmithing community, that can’t be found anywhere else. Please help support a path for Light Rail that does not force BladeGallery’s Epicurean Edge to move again or close shop.

Who is BladeGallery?

  • BladeGallery Inc's brick and mortar art gallery draws guests from all over the world to their Seattle (SODO) workshop.
    • The 2200 sqft showroom displays a wide selection of handmade and production knives, including chef’s knives, tactical and practical knives, straight razors, and manicure gear.
    • They also offer a high performance sharpening service for home and professional chefs.
    • I’m looking forward to their classes aimed at established knifemakers and beginners.
  • BladeGallery Inc is a small business that currently supports 7 employee households.
  • BladeGallery Inc supports over 600 artisans from around the world, custom building knives. In many cases, BladeGallery is the primary sales mechanism for these artists.
During this stressful and unpredicable time, please help support this unique business and ensure that they will remain open for many years to come. I greatly appreciate any efforts that you can make to select a path for Light Rail that does not force BladeGallery Inc to move or close down – resulting in tremendous hardship for their employees and the hundreds of artisans they represent. Furthermore, the closure of BladeGallery Inc would be a considerable loss to the broader artisan knifemaking community.

The BladeGallery Showroom is at:

BladeGallery's Epicurean Edge
3628 E Marginal Way S
Seattle, WA 98134
(425) 889-5980


BladeGallery Inc Customer:
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