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First! Murray Carter Junior Whitecrane

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Mar 1, 2011
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So the first knife up in the FS section here... and it isn't even a kitchen knife! Looking to sell my Junior Whitecrane Carter. Specs as follows:

AS laminated with stainless
235 overall length
124 blade length
125 grams

It's a great knife, but I want more kitchen knives. I thought there might be someone on here interested in more than just kitchen knives as well.





The knife comes with the conceal carry Kydex sheath. It has been sharpened once (the edge with King 1000 and 6000), but the sides of the knife haven't been touched. They are a little scuffed from the sheath itself. I'm looking for $400 shipped/insured Con/US. Reasonable offers are accepted.

Finally, a video to give a slightly better look at the knife and that killer AS steel:

P.S.- I had to get special permission to post in this sub-forum from Dave. If you are interested in the knife or have any questions, you'll probably have to PM me, as most don't have permission to post in this sub-forum yet.

I don't know what it is about Carter knives they just rub me the wrong way from an aesthetic standpoint. That being said I'm confident that knife will make someone very happy.

Jon Savage
Long Beach, CA
I have one of his neck knives I bought from Ryan and I'm very, very pleased with it. I wear it every day (unless I'm going to Court), of course, I don't live in a Communist state ;) It really shines when we eat out and I want a sharper knife. Of course, I get a few looks. My favorite line is when the waitress brings me a steak knife and I say, "No thanks, I brought my own."
Of course, I get a few looks. My favorite line is when the waitress brings me a steak knife and I say, "No thanks, I brought my own."

Then he reaches under his shirt and produces the neck knife with a flourish. When I was at the first ECG I attended, I sat beside Warren at supper on Friday night when he snapped out the neck knife. I know my eyes became as large as dinner plates, I wasn't something I expected!:eek: So I now have a Harner neck knife.
My personal opinion, can't go wrong with a Carter. he makes a fine knife. Cost vs value is an entirely different question. His knifes get real sharp and stay that way. Thats what I want
The knife was sold elsewhere! Thanks everyone for looking... and I'm gonna miss this one. :crying: