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Apr 12, 2011
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Just my honest opinion here.

For a long time I was wondering is it true,are more expensive single bevel knives really better made.

Im comparing Yoshihiro Deba and Gesshin Hide. Both 21cm

Im not comparing looks. That bit doesnt really matter to me. Its a tool and its most important feature is funcionality.

The grind is similar, off course better on Hide, a little. The finish of the back side much better [not wavy, or not that much]
Similar overgrind above edge in the heel area, on the back similarly ground tip [with a little problem].

Shape is little better on Hide, you have more flat edge near heel, blade is lower, and so the weight is little reduced.

The weight however is personal preference. I would work with both but for heavier fish I would go with Yoshihiro.

Handle is the same quality, the tang hole huge. Epoxy used weird. Sandy.

Saya is the same quality, pin hole is way bigger than pin itself= pin is easily lost

Choil rounded and polished, Spine polished but not rounded. Its sharp :)

Is the steel used better, I dont know.

When you hold the Hide it feels light ? [or its me], but comfortable, dont know if I can talk balance here.

Would I pay 200 dollars more? No.

Which one would I prefer? To have both :wink:

Both are nice knives. But for me apart from the looks theres not that much difference.

NO ChoP!

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Apr 11, 2011
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North Carolina
Maybe this is why epicedges honkasumi line of debas is so popular; affordable, utilitarian and functional...


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Feb 28, 2012
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I have a watanabe profesional deba in White steel not hugely expensive but a lovely knife now I don't have any thing to compare it to but grind and finish is to my eye perfect OOTB sharpness is extreme - easily shaves hair and cuts newspaper etc... lovely to use when cutting fish and meat. I'm not sure where Shinichi Watanabe stands when it comes to single bevel knifes but I couldn't have asked for any more performance wise.