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WTS Four Introductory Level Natural Stones

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Nov 15, 2021
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Hey y’all. As my collection grows it’s time to cull some of the herd. I’m only selling these because these stones are pretty redundant in my rotation now that I have acquired more over the past two years. Additionally, this is my first time ever selling on this site and second time ever selling period so please bear with me. All prices include PayPal G&S and shipping ConUS. I would like to keep these stateside.

If you would like any polish pictures please let me know. I have a Kiridashi with me and can make some time later to work up some mud and take some pictures of both the polish and the mud.

All of these stones were purchased right here in the forums. The Umajiyama Namito and the Unknown Suita were both purchased from tcmx3. The Natsuya and the Uchi were both purchased from ethompson.

Unknown Suita - $120

Hard and fast. This edge edge finish feel around the 5-7K range. The inclusions cannot be felt during sharpening. Polishing with this stone is surprisingly fun with a little patience and care to avoid the inclusions. It is decently hard so it isn’t a beginner stone but with a little patience you can coax out a nice polish with decent contrast. I’ve never had a chunky particle spat out from the stone but I have mildly scratched a polish when not being careful. Decent bit of su on the face of the stones. This stone sharpens pretty quickly given that it’s a bit hard.



Umajiyama Namito - $110

This was my introduction to natural stones and was an excellent way to start without getting in way over my head. When I received the stone it had stamps which I have since
Polished away. The edge polishes well while still keeping a decent bite to absolutely fly through veggie prep. Not the fastest at giving an edge but definitely far from being the slowest. For polishing this was my first stone in my natural progression for quite some time. Decent polisher that hides scratches more than it reveals them. Lot of real estate on this stone which is perfect for someone getting into natural stones. The sides of the stone are sealed.



Natsuya - $100

First off, this huge is THIRSTY! The best results I had came after soaking this stone for a few minutes. The edge it leaves is superb for meat and veggie prep. The polish it leaves was to me quite surprising! I usually like to go for high grit polishes but something about this stone and the polish it leaves really makes me happy. Nice even grit pattern with a healthy amount of contrast. The only reason I’m selling this is because I have an Aizu and an Aoto that can both sharpen and polish better and faster. One of the sides of this stone has been flattened enough to sharpen and or polish on so there are 2 faces to this stone.


Ohira Uchigumori koppa - $110 SOLD

If you know you know. This stone although not the highest quality and in a small package still demonstrates the sought after quality of Ohira Uchigumori very well. Rosy pink mud leaves a hell of contrast for polishing. The inclusions have provided no problems for me after several uses. Great introduction to the magic of uchi.
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Dec 15, 2017
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@miggus @tag98 I might be down to ship internationally. Gotta read up and figure out the rules but I’m open to talking. I just want to see these stones go to some good homes and get used.
It’s super easy
Thanks for the heads-up. I assume that it would be too expensive shipping to Europe for stones that weigh 1-2kg :(
Might be surprised, I’ve shipped stones that size for $25-40 to Europe. Pricing can be weirdly variable though, it pays to shop around and use a site like pirate ship to get commercial pricing instead of retail.